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Article How to improve this site
2000-06-19 Other
Chat Log General remapping questions
2000-03-10 30 lines tools, rv-remap
Chat Log About texture mapping custom instances with different tools than 3dstudio max
2000-03-10 44 lines 3D Studio MAX, Extreme editing, rv-remap, Other
Chat Log Questions about rvglue3
2000-03-12 47 lines tools, rvglue
Chat Log On making .prm move
2000-03-20 5 lines Other
Chat Log Short talk of rhino, visiboxes, and rvglue3
2000-03-21 41 lines Extreme editing, Other, rvglue
Chat Log About the camera in the revolt engine & portals
2000-03-24 15 lines Extreme editing
Chat Log A discussion that never happened
never 10 lines Other
Chat Log Resizing cars & wheels and other ponderings
2000-03-24 21 lines Car building
Chat Log Instances that cause weird problems
2000-04-30 23 lines Instances, 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log What defines a RV polygon?
2000-05-01 32 lines Technical backgrounds
Chat Log Remap objects to other textures
2000-05-02 5 lines Objects, rv-remap
Chat Log extremely long and confusing TO-DO
2000-05-06 891 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Introduction to binary file contents
2000-05-07 19 lines Technical backgrounds
Chat Log How to start building tracks
2000-05-07 42 lines Track building, Extreme editing
Chat Log Differences and confusions about "Black" and "Invisible"
2000-05-08 36 lines Technical backgrounds, Track building, Car building
Chat Log What is ENV mapping?
2000-05-09 8 lines Track building, Car building, Technical backgrounds
Chat Log AI modifying in general
2000-05-11 59 lines AI Nodes
Chat Log Rants and problems with alternate track routes
2000-05-11 31 lines AI Nodes
Chat Log Neighboring texture's influence
2000-05-18 18 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log What are "intermediate" files
2000-05-18 8 lines Technical backgrounds, rvglue, tools
Chat Log Some common rvglue problems
2000-05-19 60 lines rvglue
Chat Log Problems with unsolid things
2000-05-21 28 lines Track building, rvglue
Chat Log Some rants on ViziBoxes
2000-05-24 17 lines Track building, ViziBoxes
Chat Log Mirroring on elevated surfaces
2000-05-26 14 lines Track building, mkmirror
Chat Log Pitfalls when making mirrors
2000-05-28 97 lines mkmirror, Portals
Chat Log Non-solid instances although they have .ncp's
2000-05-28 13 lines Instances, Track building, rvglue
Chat Log Empty world files cause problems
2000-06-01 19 lines rvglue, Instances
Chat Log Exporting whole tracks, creating landscapes
2000-06-02 92 lines 3D Studio MAX, .ase converters, Track building
Web Link Ali's page
Download page for the things ali released or published
Track building, Links, mkmirror, rvglue, tools, .ase converters
Web Link .w/.ncp Breakdown
Lists the structure of some of Re-Volt's data files.
Links, Technical backgrounds
Web Link .hul Breakdown
Show the structure of .hul files
Technical backgrounds, Links