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Web Link Ali's page
Download page for the things ali released or published
Web Link Racer's Point discussion forum ("RP")
Largest message board for Re-Volt. Most people can be contacted there.
Web Link Re-Volt HQ ("RHQ")
Big site to download custom tracks, cars and most of the available tools
PartzMan, Soul^
Web Link Re-Volt to the MAX
Lots of informations and tutorials on how to use 3D Studio MAX to create Re-Volt stuff
Web Link RV Extreme ("RVEX")
Most important site about "Extreme Editing". Contains nearly everything you want to know when playing with the in-game editor.
Web Link Racer's Point custom tracks
Download and discussion board for custom tracks
Web Link Racer's Point custom vehicles
Download and discussion board for custom cars
Web Link The Re-Volt Workbench
Useful hints for track creators, written by the person who proved he knows what he's talking about.
Web Link .w/.ncp Breakdown
Lists the structure of some of Re-Volt's data files.
Web Link .hul Breakdown
Show the structure of .hul files