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Chat Log What are AI walls?
2000-03-06 10 lines Technical backgrounds, AI Nodes
Chat Log About texturemaps and resizing
2000-03-19 60 lines 3D Studio MAX, rv-sizer
Chat Log object ideas/knowledge & gari flags
2000-03-22 26 lines Extreme editing, Objects
Chat Log About rv conversoin units in max, and yet more rhino
2000-03-22 10 lines 3D Studio MAX, Other
Chat Log Another 3ds skinning tutorial webaddress & skinning comments
2000-03-24 18 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Url for racing revolt on
2000-03-24 2 lines Other
Chat Log Jimk discovers something about exporting clusters of faces
2000-03-25 30 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log MajorClod figures out why cybs maps were exporting black&white
2000-03-25 4 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Rants and problems with alternate track routes
2000-05-11 31 lines AI Nodes
Chat Log Exporting whole tracks, creating landscapes
2000-06-02 92 lines 3D Studio MAX, .ase converters, Track building
Web Link Re-Volt to the MAX
Lots of informations and tutorials on how to use 3D Studio MAX to create Re-Volt stuff
3D Studio MAX, Extreme editing, Links