Chat Log: Rants and problems with alternate track routes

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Date: 2000-05-11
Author: ali
14:49 Spaceman: hey folks, i'm in need of serious "shortcut" help:
14:49 Spaceman: how do i equal the AI with taking the two routes? it seems impossible
14:50 Spaceman: what i have:
14:50 Spaceman: two routes, both easily available for the ai. one shorter and with pickup, but more difficult. however, they always take it, even if i set it to "long cut"
14:51 Cybinary: space: try setting it to a long pickup route
14:51 Spaceman: did. nuthin.
14:51 Cybinary: really?
14:51 Cybinary: do you have my decisions track?
14:51 Spaceman: i even set the longer route to "short cut" and the other to "long cut", still the same. this drives me insane
14:51 Spaceman: i think i still have it, yes.
14:52 Cybinary: look at the 3 ways on it
14:52 Cybinary: gibb helped me with the AI and the cars take all three routes pretty regular
14:52 Spaceman: my question is:
14:52 Spaceman: do they ignore the node command when they already "see" what's the shorter route?
14:53 Cybinary: I think the AI will take the shorter route if there not in 1st place
14:54 Cybinary: as soon as they see the short path they probibly ingore the other node commands
14:54 Cybinary: what gibb and I did was put a powerup right before the 3 way
14:54 Cybinary: and set one path as a pickup path
14:54 Spaceman: i rembered that we found out how they read some nodes in advance. now they find out that my shortcut saves them some metres and they take it as often as possible
14:54 Cybinary: so if the AI didnt have a powerup it would take the alt path
14:55 ali: Other idea: Make the track wider before the split, and separate race and overtaking line. Make the split so that cars on the racing line find themselves suddenly in one route, and the other on the other
14:55 Spaceman: good idea! will try that
14:55 Cybinary: which one?
14:55 Spaceman: ali: tried that, no success. the split is right after a jump from one roof to the other so it's hard to predict where they'll land
14:56 Spaceman: it's fucking hard to predict anything on that surface!!! :)
14:56 Cybinary: check out the nodes in decisions, the AI is really good on it
14:56 ali: Then it's easy. Make both routes small (opposite of wide). Let only one route be the continuation of the jump, and the other a starting route.
14:56 Cybinary: taking all 3 routes
14:56 Spaceman: cyb: will try the idea with the powerup. they almost everytime have none when they reach the split so it might work
14:57 ali: If they land so that they are on no track, they'll choose the closer route.
14:58 Spaceman: yes, but they start to tremble a lot when i do that. if they miss a clear racing line, they start to shiver on stoney ground

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