Chat Log: object ideas/knowledge & gari flags

Listed in: Extreme editing, Objects
Date: 2000-03-22
Author: ali
00:41 Cybinary: hey, whats the flag low value on the triggers?
00:41 triple6s: no wind i think
00:41 Cybinary: its a # from 0-?
00:42 Cybinary: wind?
00:42 triple6s: yes i think it is for the flag in wild wesst
00:42 Cybinary: the flag is a trigger?
00:43 scloink: thats how ali made the curtains move in his track
00:43 scloink: added gariflags
00:43 triple6s: yes but there is also a flag you can place in the track
00:43 Cybinary: so what do they do to the direction arrows?
00:44 triple6s: dont know that one
00:45 Cybinary: Ohhh, there numbered like track zones
00:45 Cybinary: have to be sequential
00:46 triple6s: now thats abig word
00:46 triple6s: and i have a small mind
00:47 scloink: yea thats it
00:47 scloink: start with 0
00:47 scloink: then the next in line should be 1
00:48 scloink: and so on
00:48 scloink: use brackets to change the #
00:50 Cybinary: u check gibbs site?
00:50 scloink: no why
00:50 Cybinary: thats how i figured it out
00:50 scloink: i just remembered
00:50 scloink: gib was thinking that was what it was
00:50 scloink: but didn't know for sure

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