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Chat Log Discussing multi-mapping
2000-03-07 15 lines triple6s, BurnRubr
Chat Log Making lights show up in editor
2000-03-07 30 lines SuperTard, scloink
Chat Log Setting light "range"
2000-03-07 8 lines SuperTard, scloink
Chat Log Re-mapping bitmaps
2000-03-08 11 lines BurnRubr, SuperTard
Chat Log About ai walls
2000-03-09 25 lines Magne, triple6s, SuperTard
Chat Log Strobes versus flickers
2000-03-10 12 lines BurnRubr, SuperTard, scloink
Chat Log What is flappage?
2000-03-10 7 lines triple6s, SuperTard
Chat Log Babble about floors
2000-03-10 9 lines triple6s, SuperTard, BurnRubr
Chat Log More on ai walls/nodes
2000-03-10 13 lines Antimorph, scloink
Chat Log yet even more on texture mapping in 3dsmax
2000-03-10 19 lines SuperTard, BurnRubr, Bubba_Z
Chat Log About texture mapping custom instances with different tools than 3dstudio max
2000-03-10 44 lines BurnRubr, scloink, ali
Chat Log Mapping 1 prm to several bitmaps
2000-03-18 11 lines triple6s, BurnRubr
Chat Log General chat about pos node positioning & track zones
2000-03-19 24 lines BurnRubr, scloink, Nairb
Chat Log Getting instances
2000-03-20 15 lines SuperTard, ED-Nick
Chat Log General description of remap useage
2000-03-21 4 lines dod1, BurnRubr
Chat Log General description of rv-sizer usage
2000-03-21 5 lines dod1, SuperTard, BurnRubr
Chat Log Short talk of rhino, visiboxes, and rvglue3
2000-03-21 41 lines ED-Nick, ali
Chat Log Two instance mode tips from the tard
2000-03-21 4 lines SuperTard, ED-Nick
Chat Log object ideas/knowledge & gari flags
2000-03-22 26 lines triple6s, Cybinary, scloink
Chat Log About the camera in the revolt engine & portals
2000-03-24 15 lines BurnRubr, Antimorph, ali
Chat Log How to start building tracks
2000-05-07 42 lines SKITCH2, Antimorph, ali, MelissaMac
Chat Log Creating tracks that can be played reverse
2000-05-30 29 lines SuperTard, BurnRubr
Web Link Racer's Point discussion forum ("RP")
Largest message board for Re-Volt. Most people can be contacted there.
Web Link Re-Volt to the MAX
Lots of informations and tutorials on how to use 3D Studio MAX to create Re-Volt stuff
Web Link RV Extreme ("RVEX")
Most important site about "Extreme Editing". Contains nearly everything you want to know when playing with the in-game editor.