Chat Log: About texture mapping custom instances with different tools than 3dstudio max

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Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
11:31 BurnRubr: i use a mapping program for monster truck madness 2
11:31 BurnRubr: then export to max for the making of the prm
11:32 BurnRubr: you do that without any 3d program at all ?
11:32 scloink: well doesn't RV automatcally assign bmp a to any instance
11:32 scloink: then you have to remap to get it to whatever you want
11:32 BurnRubr: yes
11:32 BurnRubr: but that only changes texture letter
11:33 BurnRubr: not where things are mapped on the model
11:33 scloink: no I don't unfortunately
11:34 BurnRubr: shame that as if i had one that max could import the file format with then i could make you the prm file
11:34 scloink: yea I know
11:34 scloink: what is a good cheap one
11:35 BurnRubr: a free one
11:35 BurnRubr: cheapest you will ever get
11:35 scloink: hehe
11:35 scloink: is it good
11:36 BurnRubr: only one i know of is rhino
11:36 BurnRubr: got a trial version
11:36 scloink: where do I get it
11:36 scloink: how long will the trial last
11:37 BurnRubr: i check the site again
11:37 BurnRubr: Laserbeams uses rhino i think
11:38 ali: Just to step in before I go: You *can* remap the instance to other parts of a .bmp file.
11:39 scloink: ok cool I havn't messed with remap yet
11:39 ali: Uh. rv-remap doesn't do it, rvtexmap does.
11:39 scloink: oh ok
11:39 BurnRubr: where i find that ali?
11:40 ali: from Gibbler or
11:40 scloink: cool
11:40 BurnRubr: okay thanks Ali
11:40 scloink: will have to get that
11:41 ali: :-) Bye...
11:42 BurnRubr: might have to have a look at that program myself
11:42 scloink: maybe then you could make custom models
11:42 scloink: how long does Rhino last
11:47 BurnRubr: found it
11:47 scloink: cool
11:47 scloink: thanks
11:50 BurnRubr: saves 25 times rhino 3d does
11:52 scloink: can you convert from Rhino to .prm
11:53 BurnRubr: not but max can imprt rhino format
11:53 scloink: thays what I mean
11:54 BurnRubr: so if you could use that and the plugin retains the texture mapping then a prm could be made
11:54 scloink: cool

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