Chat Log: Mapping 1 prm to several bitmaps

Listed in: Extreme editing, Track building, Instances
Date: 2000-03-18
Author: ali
01:54 BurnRubr: i am amazed that people not do what i said about instances and that is
01:54 BurnRubr: to make them in sections to 1 bmp then join in game
01:54 BurnRubr: and you can have instances with more textures
01:55 triple6s: yep easy
01:55 BurnRubr: like split a building or something into 3 prms
01:55 BurnRubr: each mapped to different bmp
01:55 BurnRubr: then line up in game then glue together
01:55 triple6s: yep i even uderstand that
01:56 BurnRubr: but no one has ever done it
01:56 BurnRubr: they just complain about being stuck with the 1 bmp
01:56 BurnRubr: yet there is a way around they only need to think

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