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Chat Log About including .bmq's
2000-03-07 7 lines triple6s, SuperTard
Chat Log Mapping 1 prm to several bitmaps
2000-03-18 11 lines triple6s, BurnRubr
Chat Log Some rants on creating complex things in 3DS
2000-05-02 45 lines SKITCH2, Antimorph
Chat Log How to start building tracks
2000-05-07 42 lines SKITCH2, Antimorph, ali, MelissaMac
Chat Log How to organize making a track
2000-05-07 6 lines Antimorph
Chat Log Differences and confusions about "Black" and "Invisible"
2000-05-08 36 lines scloink, ali
Chat Log What is ENV mapping?
2000-05-09 8 lines Antimorph, ali
Chat Log Getting rid of "X" signs flashing up
2000-05-16 21 lines triple6s, Antimorph, Nairb
Chat Log Problems with unsolid things
2000-05-21 28 lines Magne, Antimorph, ali
Chat Log Some rants on ViziBoxes
2000-05-24 17 lines Magne, Antimorph, ali
Chat Log Mirroring on elevated surfaces
2000-05-26 14 lines Spaceman, ED-Nick, ali, LaserBeams
Chat Log Non-solid instances although they have .ncp's
2000-05-28 13 lines ED-Nick, ali
Chat Log Creating tracks that can be played reverse
2000-05-30 29 lines SuperTard, BurnRubr
Chat Log Exporting whole tracks, creating landscapes
2000-06-02 92 lines Magne, Cybinary, Antimorph, ali
Web Link Ali's page
Download page for the things ali released or published
Web Link Re-Volt HQ ("RHQ")
Big site to download custom tracks, cars and most of the available tools
PartzMan, Soul^
Web Link Racer's Point custom tracks
Download and discussion board for custom tracks
Web Link The Re-Volt Workbench
Useful hints for track creators, written by the person who proved he knows what he's talking about.