Chat Log: Some rants on creating complex things in 3DS

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX, Track building
Date: 2000-05-02
Author: ali
17:45 SKITCH2: one question before you go, i can now make square floors in max but in what way is best to make particular shapes as in corners, that look like bot garden
17:46 Antimorph: in what respect
17:46 Antimorph: that look like bot garden
17:46 SKITCH2: i know the feeling
17:46 SKITCH2: if you go above bot garden
17:46 Antimorph: which corner do you mean
17:47 SKITCH2: you can see that it has been made in
17:47 SKITCH2: quite small parts ie: the big u turn
17:47 SKITCH2: with the water#
17:47 SKITCH2: that has not been made out of a square
17:48 Antimorph: ok
17:48 SKITCH2: or do you just drag the pionts around and delete
17:48 SKITCH2: faces?
17:48 Antimorph: ok
17:48 SKITCH2: point rather
17:49 Antimorph: what I'd do, I'm forgetting about the dolphin for the moment
17:49 Antimorph: is use a plane
17:49 SKITCH2: yea
17:49 Antimorph: increase the number of faces
17:49 Antimorph: do something ridiculous
17:49 SKITCH2: heh
17:49 Antimorph: i.e. lots of stuff to work with
17:50 Antimorph: we'll reduce the poly count later with optimize
17:50 SKITCH2: yep
17:50 Antimorph: Then drag out the contours
17:50 Antimorph: by selecting vertices
17:51 Antimorph: however
17:51 Antimorph: there are a few other ways to do it
17:51 Antimorph: you could make a cylinder with the number of sidesyou want
17:51 SKITCH2: yea
17:51 Antimorph: squash it down so that it makes the round curb, and use the segment
17:52 Antimorph: tool, (or just delete the vertices)
17:52 Antimorph: make a plane underneath
17:52 Antimorph: from which you could make the incline on the
17:52 Antimorph: far side
17:52 SKITCH2: hehe cool
17:52 Antimorph: and do a boolean connect
17:52 Antimorph: the path
17:52 Antimorph: between the water
17:53 Antimorph: would be a plane with a few moved vertices
17:53 Antimorph: and bobs your uncle really
17:53 SKITCH2: cool
17:53 Antimorph: the trick is doing to boolean connect
17:53 Antimorph: but its pretty straight forward
17:53 Antimorph: after a few days of getting it wrong. heeh

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