Chat Log: Problems with unsolid things

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Date: 2000-05-21
Author: ali
15:27 Magne: I think maybe I know what's wrong, but maybe there is a solution, ok....I'm having some solid trouble
15:28 Magne: I've made some new ncp files for some of my prm's in the level, so I have those models left as instances, and glue the other models
15:29 Magne: with new ncp files i mean ncp files that doesn't use all the faces that the prm does, cause the rv-engine obviously can't take an infinite number of solid polys
15:29 ali: And where is the problem?
15:29 Magne: so, when I'm playing my lev. nopw, the models not glued seem to have some very very big holes in them, in various places, and it's not caused by a bad ncp file
15:30 ali: The holes are right in-mid of the instances?
15:30 Magne: is it just because i have too many solid polys, i've tried mixing with what I glue and not glue, but some of the unglued models always has some holes, or isn't solid at all
15:31 Magne: no, usually the edges
15:31 ali: Are the instances besides the track?
15:32 Magne: like I have a spiral kid-slide, with edges on it, the spiral is solid, but the edges on the side is not 8like the spiral model with a cylinder in the middle, only this doesn't have a cylinder)
15:32 Magne: what do you mean besides the track?
15:33 Antimorph: The unglued models, I think I can explain the holes
15:33 Antimorph: I think I already explained them to you Joey
15:33 Antimorph: You remember your spiral in stunt track
15:33 Magne: t re-volt just accept as many solid polys as I want it too, aaarggh)
15:34 ali: Then I'll shut up and give voice to amorph
15:34 Magne: but alee, do you just think it's because I have too many solid polys, my house won't look as cool if I take some of the models out
15:35 Antimorph: the "holes" were caused by poor modelling technique, you can *not* have two polygons with opposite normals very close together
15:35 Magne: not these holes
15:36 Magne: is there a drawing board in this chat?
15:36 Antimorph: have you looked at your mesh in the places that you find the holes and looked for possible anomalies
15:37 Magne: a simple question that might help me ....
15:38 Magne: alee, why can i have more solid models if I glue than if I keep them as prm and ncp files, is the limit different for the main ncp file than for single ncp's?
15:39 Magne: oh ok, but can the level contain several main ncp's. like I'm working in the muse1 folder, so my main ncp file is called muse1.ncp, if I make a ncp file called muse2.ncp, will it use that too?
15:40 Antimorph: Joey, it will not
15:40 Magne: it won't, so the main ncp file has to have the same filename as the folder then?
15:40 Antimorph: it does
15:42 Magne: well, I guess I have to delete some parts of my level then, if I want it to stay solid

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