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Chat Log About ai walls
2000-03-09 25 lines Extreme editing, AI Nodes
Chat Log "Big Brothers" for ViziBoxes
2000-04-27 18 lines ViziBoxes
Chat Log Introduction on Triggers
2000-04-27 62 lines Triggers
Chat Log Being in multiple "Camera" ViziBoxes
2000-04-27 3 lines ViziBoxes
Chat Log What are "intermediate" files
2000-05-18 8 lines Technical backgrounds, rvglue, tools
Chat Log Problems with unsolid things
2000-05-21 28 lines Track building, rvglue
Chat Log Some rants on ViziBoxes
2000-05-24 17 lines Track building, ViziBoxes
Chat Log Exporting whole tracks, creating landscapes
2000-06-02 92 lines 3D Studio MAX, .ase converters, Track building