Chat Log: "Big Brothers" for ViziBoxes

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Date: 2000-04-27
Author: ali
17:33 Magne: hi...I thought I would try out the vizibox edit mode yesterday...but then I encountered another problem.......what's...1.Big brothers...2.locked cameras 0n\off
17:33 SKITCH2: big bros is when you can
17:33 SKITCH2: see all of the other ids
17:34 Magne: what?
17:34 SKITCH2: if you are working on id 1
17:34 SKITCH2: and big brother is on
17:34 Magne: yeah...
17:34 SKITCH2: you will still see id 1 when you work on id 2
17:35 Magne: oh, so it will only have effect in the edit mode then, not while playing
17:35 Magne: what about...locked cameras?
17:35 scloink: havn't toggled that one
17:35 SKITCH2: dont bother
17:36 SKITCH2: playing with that
17:36 SKITCH2: it doesnt make editing any easyer
17:36 Magne: but I read somewhere that viziboxes only affected the replays, that's wrogn right?
17:36 scloink: right
17:36 SKITCH2: that was what was first thought
17:37 SKITCH2: but not true

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