Chat Log: What are "intermediate" files

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Date: 2000-05-18
Author: ali
14:40 Magne: yeah, i look in some of your mini tools, and i wonder, what good can changing the surface proporties on a .i-p file do me?
14:40 Magne: look=looked
14:41 ali: You have both visual and solidity data in one single file. So, you can do lots of operations on a .i-p in sequence without loosing surface properties.
14:41 Magne: yeah, but good does it do, can I use it in re-volt?
14:42 ali: Nope. Last step is convert it to .prm+ncp
14:44 Magne: the reason i asked is cause I wanted to see if I could change the surface on one of my instances without gluinf it to the w file
14:44 Magne: i converted it to .i-p, then changed the surface, then converted it back again, but it didn't work
14:44 Magne: (hehe, I'm a question guy, everybody expects me to ask them something everytime I come here, that's cool though, I'm trying to learn)

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