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Chat Log Reccomended reading
2000-03-10 5 lines BurnRubr, Bubba_Z
Chat Log General remapping questions
2000-03-10 30 lines triple6s, BurnRubr, scloink, ali
Chat Log General discussion of remap and .bmp mapping
2000-03-10 26 lines triple6s, BurnRubr, scloink
Chat Log Questions about rvglue3
2000-03-12 47 lines triple6s, SuperTard, BurnRubr, ali
Chat Log Reguarding chaos tools
2000-03-13 12 lines SKITCH2, SuperTard
Chat Log General tool discussion
2000-03-13 15 lines triple6s, BurnRubr
Chat Log General description of remap useage
2000-03-21 4 lines dod1, BurnRubr
Chat Log General description of rv-sizer usage
2000-03-21 5 lines dod1, SuperTard, BurnRubr
Chat Log What are "intermediate" files
2000-05-18 8 lines Magne, ali
Web Link Ali's page
Download page for the things ali released or published
Web Link Re-Volt HQ ("RHQ")
Big site to download custom tracks, cars and most of the available tools
PartzMan, Soul^