Chat Log: General discussion of remap and .bmp mapping

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Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
09:31 triple6s: i need to ask ali a question
09:32 triple6s: about the remapper
09:32 scloink: oh
09:32 scloink: brb
09:32 BurnRubr: rv remap ?
09:32 triple6s: yes
09:32 BurnRubr: what you want to know-- rare chance i might know the answer but i doubt it
09:34 triple6s: i know you can asign a a texture to a bitmap A - J was wondering if a person can asiging it to something more pasefic
09:34 BurnRubr: like what
09:35 BurnRubr: when you map the instance model you can map to any part of the bmp
09:35 triple6s: like the sun in original levels
09:35 triple6s: it is on its own bitmap
09:35 BurnRubr: yes you can change the prm of the original models
09:36 triple6s: it would make texturing unlimited
09:36 BurnRubr: but you are limited to the A -J bitmap limit of the revolt game
09:36 triple6s: and you still have the original bitmaps
09:36 triple6s: i see
09:36 triple6s: that is what i was wondering
09:37 BurnRubr: the only thing would be to map your models to a part of a original bmp
09:37 BurnRubr: if you got too many textures and need to cut back
09:38 BurnRubr: but a total of 10 bmps is alot to work with anyway
09:38 BurnRubr: as you can have lots of different models textured to the 1 bmp
09:38 BurnRubr: therefor giving lots of models to chose from and still only use 10 bmps
09:38 triple6s: yep it is plenty, i was just wondering
09:39 BurnRubr: one of the first things people wanted to know
09:39 BurnRubr: was how many textures bmps could we use

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