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Chat Log What are AI walls?
2000-03-06 10 lines Technical backgrounds, AI Nodes
Chat Log Discussing multi-mapping
2000-03-07 15 lines Technical backgrounds, Extreme editing
Chat Log About including .bmq's
2000-03-07 7 lines Track building
Chat Log About ai walls
2000-03-09 25 lines Extreme editing, AI Nodes
Chat Log What is flappage?
2000-03-10 7 lines Extreme editing, Objects
Chat Log Babble about floors
2000-03-10 9 lines Extreme editing, Instances
Chat Log General remapping questions
2000-03-10 30 lines tools, rv-remap
Chat Log General discussion of remap and .bmp mapping
2000-03-10 26 lines tools, rv-remap
Chat Log Questions about rvglue3
2000-03-12 47 lines tools, rvglue
Chat Log General tool discussion
2000-03-13 15 lines tools
Chat Log Mapping 1 prm to several bitmaps
2000-03-18 11 lines Extreme editing, Track building, Instances
Chat Log About texturemaps and resizing
2000-03-19 60 lines 3D Studio MAX, rv-sizer
Chat Log object ideas/knowledge & gari flags
2000-03-22 26 lines Extreme editing, Objects
Chat Log extremely long and confusing TO-DO
2000-05-06 891 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Getting rid of "X" signs flashing up
2000-05-16 21 lines Track building, AI Nodes, POS Nodes