Chat Log: About ai walls

Listed in: Extreme editing, AI Nodes
Date: 2000-03-09
Author: ali
17:54 Magne: do you know anything about extreme editing?
17:54 SuperTard: yes
17:54 SuperTard: questoin?
17:55 Magne: I'm making a new track, completely from instances, and I have positioned track zones...pos nodes and ai nodes, but when the car reaches a certain point in the track, everuthing is black, and I think the car is driving at the bottom floor
17:56 SuperTard: yes, you could have fallen thru the floor, to the great black beyond
17:56 Magne: yes...
17:56 triple6s: make sue the instances line up as perfect as you can
17:58 SuperTard: im not the best editor in the world.. ill let t6 speak
17:58 triple6s: are you sure that your floor prm is above the editor floor
17:58 Magne: it hapens when i'm in the middle of a long instance, I'm thinking it has something to do with the ai nodes
18:00 Magne: and, if the cars stands still long enough on the start line, 10 secs or whatever it will re-position
18:00 triple6s: your last comment makes me thing it is in the AI nodes
18:01 triple6s: because of the repositioning problem
18:02 SuperTard: i c what t6 is saying.. and um... yeah... its gotta be the ai node reposition deal... is too low
18:04 triple6s: it sounds like not enough AI nodes
18:04 Magne: could it be I don't have enough ai nodes?
18:04 triple6s: so the game thinks you are out of bounds so to speak
18:05 Magne: and another thing, what the hell is those ai walls, do I have to use that, I've seen'em on almost every track
18:05 triple6s: dont take this like it is in stone i have never edited ai nodes but have done a lot of looking and thinking
18:06 triple6s: the wall thing is a mistery
18:06 Magne: really, why does a lot of user tracks I've downloaded have them?
18:06 Magne: like garden2
18:07 triple6s: if you look at a post from spaceman they are in his track and he is not sure how the got there
18:07 Magne: I've managed to place the walls, I just don't know what they do

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