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Chat Log Making lights show up in editor
2000-03-07 30 lines Extreme editing, Lights
Chat Log Setting light "range"
2000-03-07 8 lines Extreme editing, Lights
Chat Log About including .bmq's
2000-03-07 7 lines Track building
Chat Log Re-mapping bitmaps
2000-03-08 11 lines Extreme editing
Chat Log About ai walls
2000-03-09 25 lines Extreme editing, AI Nodes
Chat Log Strobes versus flickers
2000-03-10 12 lines Extreme editing, Lights
Chat Log What is flappage?
2000-03-10 7 lines Extreme editing, Objects
Chat Log Babble about floors
2000-03-10 9 lines Extreme editing, Instances
Chat Log yet even more on texture mapping in 3dsmax
2000-03-10 19 lines Extreme editing, 3D Studio MAX, Instances
Chat Log Questions about rvglue3
2000-03-12 47 lines tools, rvglue
Chat Log Reguarding chaos tools
2000-03-13 12 lines tools
Chat Log On lan multi-play
2000-03-14 12 lines Other
Chat Log Getting instances
2000-03-20 15 lines Extreme editing
Chat Log General description of rv-sizer usage
2000-03-21 5 lines Extreme editing, tools, rv-sizer
Chat Log How to Bypass the Carnival code if you're too lazy to beat the levels
2000-03-21 9 lines Other
Chat Log Two instance mode tips from the tard
2000-03-21 4 lines Extreme editing, Instances, Other
Chat Log General car editing talk, and some funny things to experament with
2000-03-21 32 lines Car building
Chat Log A discussion that never happened
never 10 lines Other
Chat Log Another 3ds skinning tutorial webaddress & skinning comments
2000-03-24 18 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Reassigning texture letters
2000-04-30 20 lines rv-remap, Instances
Chat Log Remap objects to other textures
2000-05-02 5 lines Objects, rv-remap
Chat Log extremely long and confusing TO-DO
2000-05-06 891 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Getting rid of duplicate faces
2000-05-24 89 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Creating tracks that can be played reverse
2000-05-30 29 lines Extreme editing, Track building
Chat Log Creating a "bowl" in 3DS
2000-06-03 10 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Texture mapping, Unit measurements
2000-06-06 295 lines 3D Studio MAX
Chat Log Grab one vertex and stretch its polygons
2000-06-08 46 lines 3D Studio MAX