Chat Log: General car editing talk, and some funny things to experament with

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Date: 2000-03-21
Author: ali
23:40 LaserBeams: Theta is done
23:40 LaserBeams:
23:40 LaserBeams: It steers funnt
23:40 LaserBeams: funny
23:40 scloink: hows that
23:41 LaserBeams: I can't explain it - it steers exponentially
23:41 LaserBeams: the more you turn, the more and more it turns, till it goes in alittle circle then flips out.
23:41 scloink: I thought that you were going to have axels to the wheels on this one
23:42 LaserBeams: Nope... couldn't fiigure that one out.
23:42 LaserBeams: We'll just call it a theme
23:42 LaserBeams: "no shocks, pins or axles"
23:42 LaserBeams: I like electromagnetic fields.
23:42 scloink: yep
23:42 SuperTard: ever make a parameter that makes the car "leap" when you hit reposition ?
23:43 SuperTard: er i mean the flip
23:43 SuperTard: key
23:43 LaserBeams: Nope, ST
23:44 SuperTard: i think its if you make the gravity of the car to light or something.. (footnote- level of detail prob also?)
23:45 SuperTard: you can also make them balance on the antenne when they're upside down
23:45 SuperTard: if theyre too light
23:45 LaserBeams: hehe
23:45 LaserBeams: never tried that
23:45 SuperTard: its whack looking
23:46 SuperTard: the antenna bends a little and moves in circles
23:46 LaserBeams: When i was making this car, i got it to do wheelies off the start line
23:46 SuperTard: thats dope... hehe i bet it drove like shit tho
23:47 LaserBeams: It did... was way too light
23:47 LaserBeams: and it rolled like an isuzu (or whatever)
23:48 LaserBeams needs sleep badly
23:49 SuperTard: hehe
23:50 LaserBeams: staying up till 2:00 and getting up at 6:00 2 weeks straight isn't good.
23:50 LaserBeams: Makes me act weird - deleriousness, etc - it's actually kinda fun

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