Chat Log: Getting instances

Listed in: Extreme editing
Date: 2000-03-20
Author: ali
15:32 SuperTard: Im not that good at making custom .prm yet
15:32 SuperTard: there are other ppl here who will convert or make custom .prm for you
15:32 SuperTard: i havent quite got the hang of it yet
15:35 ED-Nick: oh
15:35 ED-Nick: how did you make your level then?
15:36 SuperTard: with chaos tools
15:36 SuperTard: the resize
15:36 ED-Nick: oh
15:36 SuperTard: tool, and some of his other ones
15:36 ED-Nick: whered you get the instances?
15:36 SuperTard: and the jimk warehouse tool kit
15:36 ED-Nick: ah!
15:36 SuperTard: almost all the instances are from the toolkit
15:36 SuperTard: 'cept for 1 halfpipe and the radios
15:36 ED-Nick: i see now

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