Chat Log: Reassigning texture letters

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Date: 2000-04-30
Author: ali
11:51 SuperTard: um... say i map somethign correctly in max
11:51 SuperTard: how then does it get a letter assignment?
11:51 Antimorph: need to use rv-remap
11:51 SuperTard: um... ok
11:51 Antimorph: is that what you meant
11:51 SuperTard: but how do you
11:51 Antimorph: eg.
11:52 SuperTard: assign a letter to a prm that has no letter yet
11:52 SuperTard: whats the syntax?
11:52 Antimorph: ok
11:52 Antimorph: The plugin assigns all exported prms to a
11:52 Antimorph: ***a.bmp that is
11:52 SuperTard: ahh
11:52 SuperTard: okie
11:52 Antimorph: so type
11:52 SuperTard: :)
11:52 SuperTard: kewl
11:52 Antimorph: rv-remap whatever.prm 0=6
11:53 SuperTard: yeah
11:53 Antimorph: that will change from a (0) to g (6)

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