Chat Log: Creating tracks that can be played reverse

Listed in: Extreme editing, Track building
Date: 2000-05-30
Author: ali
20:40 BurnRubr: well i have found people do not really seem interested in having a REVERSED version of their custom track.
20:42 SuperTard: what? you would make one for them? or..?
20:42 SuperTard: dont you have to make a new racing line
20:42 BurnRubr: no i not make one
20:43 SuperTard: you were asking if anyone plans to or did.. ?
20:43 BurnRubr: yes you have to add all the reverse stuff manually
20:43 BurnRubr: i found out how to do it WITHOUT using a stand track folder name
20:44 BurnRubr: you can use a custom folder name for your track and have a reverse version
20:44 SuperTard: kewl. well its good to konw..
20:44 BurnRubr: you could by adding instances that only appear in reverse mode
20:45 BurnRubr: yes you can have instance that ONLY show up in reverse mode
20:45 BurnRubr: and make a slighty different track path
20:45 SuperTard: yup.. /me tries to remeber if nhood1 reversed big car ramp is a jump when its reversed
20:46 BurnRubr: to get over the tricky spot
20:46 BurnRubr: you dont get it
20:46 SuperTard: er yes i do
20:46 SuperTard: ive raced reversed tracks
20:46 BurnRubr: you can have INSTANCES that ONLY show up in reverse mode they are NOT there in normal mode
20:46 SuperTard: just trying to remeber if the nhood jumps were backward
20:46 SuperTard: or forward in reverse
20:48 BurnRubr: you can have a slightly different path to follow in reverse mode too
20:48 SuperTard: so your method still requires a seperate directory? /usertrack/reversed/
20:48 SuperTard: rite?
20:48 BurnRubr: every track need a reverse folder inside your track folder
20:49 BurnRubr: like the original levels have
20:49 SuperTard: damn.. that would be alot of folders
20:49 SuperTard: :)
20:49 BurnRubr: the reverse folder contains all your reverse settings
20:49 BurnRubr: no seperate directory

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