Chat Log: On lan multi-play

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Date: 2000-03-14
Author: ali
11:56 (Pest Control): i have 2 pc connected via null modem can revolt be played this way
11:57 (Pest Control): i have been trying without much success
11:57 BurnRubr: no cant
11:58 BurnRubr: null models cables only work with serial play option
11:58 BurnRubr: revolt not support serial play
11:58 (Pest Control): okay thanks
11:58 (Pest Control): the options for serial cable r in with modem setup
11:58 BurnRubr: get network card
11:58 BurnRubr: play that way
11:59 BurnRubr: put one in each machine and connect them to play
11:59 (Pest Control): ok many thanks all
12:00 SuperTard: lan cards are $10 in USA

"Pest Control" is a fake name to keep the real person anonymous.

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