Chat Log: Re-mapping bitmaps

Listed in: Extreme editing
Date: 2000-03-08
Author: ali
02:12 SuperTard: oh... hmmm ok, ya know how the model assigns the texture to a .bmp
02:12 BurnRubr: need to remap to 1 bmp for revolt
02:12 SuperTard: can you edit which one it maps it to?
02:12 BurnRubr: yes then you use chaos rv remap
02:12 SuperTard: er control
02:12 SuperTard: ok
02:12 BurnRubr: to choose number of bmp
02:13 BurnRubr: what letter you want ?
02:13 SuperTard: thanks man.. wasnt aware of that tool
02:14 SuperTard: anywhere on J
02:14 BurnRubr: okay

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