Chat Log: Setting light "range"

Listed in: Extreme editing, Lights
Date: 2000-03-07
Author: ali
12:11 scloink: well you should be able to see the light
12:11 scloink: if you have the range set right
12:12 SuperTard: does the range need to go a ways into where you're ligthing? or jsut touch the surface?
12:12 scloink: well the brighter part of the line needs to touch the surface that you are trying to light (the bright part of the range indicator line starts about halfway down the indicator line)
12:13 scloink: understand
12:13 SuperTard: yes :)
12:13 SuperTard: if it goes "into" the surface a little thats ok, right? cuz it would be hard to get it exaclty perfect..
12:14 scloink: yea thats correct

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