Chat Log: Getting rid of duplicate faces

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-24
Author: ali
15:09 Antimorph: its just that there seem to be duplicate faces
15:09 Antimorph: I'm trying to remove them
15:09 SuperTard: weird
15:09 Antimorph: the shading you saw
15:09 SuperTard: how can you tell that... it just looks like a bunch triangles to me
15:09 Antimorph: wouldn't have been exported to rv
15:09 Antimorph: what did you see when you made the mesh, triangles?
15:09 SuperTard: well, thats second..
15:10 Antimorph: made the prm I mean
15:10 SuperTard: yeah when i made a .prm
15:10 SuperTard: it was same way
15:10 SuperTard: you could cut yer finger on that car
15:10 Antimorph: triangles
15:10 SuperTard: gettin in the door
15:10 Antimorph: hehe
15:10 Antimorph: right then what I've done will help a lot then
15:10 SuperTard: tons of triangles with nothing in beteween
15:10 Antimorph: the trick is, explaining what I did
15:11 SuperTard: you can just give me the basics
15:11 Antimorph: oh o
15:11 SuperTard: i can read into it alot
15:11 Antimorph: ok
15:11 Antimorph: First thing I did was cap the holes
15:11 Antimorph: theres a modifier to do that
15:11 SuperTard: 1 by 1?
15:11 Antimorph: no
15:11 SuperTard: oh
15:11 SuperTard: ok
15:11 Antimorph: selected all the polygons with editmesh
15:12 Antimorph: and then the cap holes modifier
15:12 Antimorph: thing is, the original mesh was double sided
15:12 Antimorph: in that it had as many polygons on the inside as it did on the outside
15:12 Antimorph: as you probably won't see most of these in RV
15:12 Antimorph: they just add to the poly count
15:13 Antimorph: What do you intend to do with the windows
15:13 Antimorph: you want to make them transparent
15:13 SuperTard: well, damn, i need to put seats and a steering wheel in it then
15:13 SuperTard: and clear windows
15:13 SuperTard: just kidding
15:13 Antimorph: hehe, unless your up for a lot of work
15:13 Antimorph: I wouldn't bother hehe
15:13 SuperTard: fooled ya
15:13 SuperTard: neener neener
15:14 Antimorph: might be best just to make the windows blackish until your a god at max that is
15:14 Antimorph: I shudder at the prospect
15:14 SuperTard: yupperz
15:14 SuperTard: no doubt
15:14 Antimorph: ok
15:14 Antimorph: so we had polys on the inside
15:14 Antimorph: to remove them
15:14 Antimorph: I used edit mesh, checked the ignore backface checkbox
15:14 Antimorph: so that only faces oriented toward me could be selected
15:15 SuperTard: you're tricky that way
15:15 Antimorph: I went around the car in sections, changing my viewpoint so
15:15 Antimorph: that I could select just the inside of the car
15:15 Antimorph: then I hit delete on the inside polys to get rid of them
15:15 Antimorph: The odd blue shading you had was a mystery
15:15 Antimorph: (and still is)
15:15 SuperTard: i havent messed with mapping/textureing
15:16 SuperTard: if i can get it non-triangle im happy
15:16 SuperTard: heh
15:16 Antimorph: however, those shading characteristics are not exported to RV
15:16 Antimorph: so I'm not that bothered
15:16 Antimorph: ok, I right clicked on the model after all this
15:16 Antimorph: and made sure the vertex colours checkbox was checked
15:16 Antimorph: this made the whole car white, which is exactly how RV would have seen it if you didn't
15:16 Antimorph: apply any texture to it
15:16 SuperTard: kew..
15:16 SuperTard: i understand
15:17 Antimorph: Then I noticed that some of outward facing polygons were
15:17 Antimorph: duplicated
15:17 Antimorph: this probably wouldn't kill RV
15:17 SuperTard: 'cept the "seeing" the inside faces
15:17 Antimorph: but they're annoying me cos I don't know if I made them, or if they were already there
15:17 SuperTard: how did you know they were there
15:17 Antimorph: hehe
15:18 Antimorph: good question
15:18 Antimorph: I moved round till I could see the outside of the vehicle
15:18 Antimorph: and with my ignore backfacing still on
15:18 Antimorph: I select the polys on the outside
15:18 Antimorph: The ignore backfacing ensure that I only selected a layer of polygons 1 thick
15:19 Antimorph: I changed the vertex colours on this layer
15:19 Antimorph: to gray
15:19 Antimorph: but then I could see white poly's
15:19 Antimorph: fading in and out "behind" them
15:19 Antimorph: which made me wonder
15:19 Antimorph: I missed a point, when I was removing the inside polys
15:20 Antimorph: I made the outside ones gray so I didn't delete them accidently
15:20 Antimorph: so I got that arse about face

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