Chat Log: Strobes versus flickers

Listed in: Extreme editing, Lights
Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
01:00 SuperTard: ive seen lots of posts on r.p. about ppl complaining abuot levels with flashing lights slowing down thier fps, on certain vid cards or soemthing
01:00 SuperTard: and usually, they talk about the "flicker" toggle on the lights
01:00 BurnRubr: flicker toggles sets how fast the light flashes
01:00 SuperTard: however theres an object on some levels called a "strobe" mebbe videocards would like it better
01:01 scloink: maybe
01:01 scloink: I inserted a few in my latest track (yet to be released)
01:01 SuperTard: or mebbe is very similar the way the videocard responds to it... i noticed a ton of strobes in museum battle tag default level
01:01 SuperTard: adn it doesnt affect my fps
01:02 scloink: Space has put a bunch of strobes in his tracks and noone complained
01:02 SuperTard: okie.. jsut wanted to air out that thought...
01:03 BurnRubr: strobes not seem to use as much system resources
01:03 SuperTard: ok

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