Chat Log: Creating a "bowl" in 3DS

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-06-03
Author: ali
11:35 SuperTard: is there any way to create a hollow hemisphere, then to invert the surface
11:35 Antimorph: yes there is
11:35 SuperTard: thus making a dug-out bowl that would have surface inside it
11:35 Antimorph: yeah, make a sphere, go to edit mesh
11:36 Antimorph: select sub object vertices
11:36 Antimorph: select half the spheres vertices and delete them
11:36 Antimorph: then go to sub object polygon / face
11:36 Antimorph: select all the poly's in the hemisphere
11:36 Antimorph: scroll down on the control menu, and hit
11:36 Antimorph: Flip

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