Chat Log: Another 3ds skinning tutorial webaddress & skinning comments

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-03-24
Author: ali
19:13 MajorClod: this skinning tut is really helpful
19:14 MajorClod: its not for RV, but its the same procedure
19:15 Antimorph: Thanks for the url major
19:15 Cybinary: damn, this url looks good major
19:15 Cybinary: i wish i could figure out how to do a template like that though
19:16 Cybinary: there has got to be an easyer way to do this
19:16 MajorClod: nope :)
19:16 Cybinary: *sigh*
19:17 Cybinary: ok im following what hes saying about doing a printscreen of the face and pasting into photoshop
19:18 Cybinary: but then after you make the texture, the hard part is mapping it to the model just right isnt it
19:18 MajorClod: yep, what I do is first set all your view to solid/highlights, and turn on edged faces
19:19 Cybinary: ok, that way you can see the texure in all views
19:19 MajorClod: yep
19:19 Cybinary: what does edged faces do?
19:19 SuperTard <-- ducks as all that goes over his head *
19:19 MajorClod: basically shows a wireframe at the same time as the solid
19:20 Cybinary: AHHHH, ok
19:20 MajorClod: you then line up the edges with the template

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