Chat Log: Making lights show up in editor

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Date: 2000-03-07
Author: ali
09:27 SuperTard: do you know much about track lighting
09:27 SuperTard: no pun intended
09:27 scloink: a little
09:28 scloink: what you need to know
09:28 SuperTard: i lowered my world light rgb value in my .inf to 60
09:28 SuperTard: and i removed all my omni lighhts, but i still cant see my spotlights...
09:28 SuperTard: and thier range is touching the track
09:28 scloink: go to about 50
09:28 SuperTard: and the spotlight values are like 65,65,65
09:29 scloink: what is the rgb of the lights
09:29 SuperTard: kewl... yeah they told me 50
09:29 scloink: well try about 100,100,100 or higher
09:29 SuperTard: but i dint want a real dark level so i put it to 60... but that was the next thing i was gonna try
09:29 scloink: the higher you go the brighter the spots are
09:30 SuperTard: interesting
09:30 SuperTard: also, you can use lights with low rgb as "shadows" too ?
09:30 scloink: and make sure the range is good
09:30 scloink: yep negative values create shadows
09:30 scloink: I used them some in my Warehouse track
09:31 scloink: I used them alot in my newest track
09:31 scloink: I inserted over a hundred lights
09:31 SuperTard: cool :) thx for clearing taht stuff up :)
09:31 scloink: ok
09:31 scloink: np
09:32 SuperTard: and lights wont really affect gameplay... like framerate or anythign.. rite? like it plays the same framerate wether you have 10 lights or 200 lights (theoretically)
09:33 scloink: if you wanted to keep worldrgb at 60 then just increase the rgb of the lights
09:33 scloink: not really
09:34 scloink: the only thing that affects framerate is the polys
09:34 scloink: lights don't create polys
09:35 SuperTard: kewl .. :)

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