Chat Log: Grab one vertex and stretch its polygons

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-06-08
Author: ali
13:33 SuperTard: how do i grab one point of one vertex, and stretch its polygons? i forget
13:34 Antimorph: Edit Mesh, Sub Object Vertex
13:34 Antimorph: wait a sec
13:34 Antimorph: you may have to break it first
13:34 Antimorph: When a vertex is shared between a number of polys
13:34 Antimorph: often when you move it, you move all the polys to which it is attached
13:35 Antimorph: you can just move one poly, if you press the "break" button in Edit mesh first
13:35 SuperTard: i think the break deal...
13:35 SuperTard: yeah
13:35 SuperTard: i almost had clicked it... it breaks that polly off, so you can mess with it rite?
13:36 SuperTard: do you have to "un break" the mesh when you finish?
13:36 Antimorph: hmm
13:36 SuperTard: er that vertex rather... not poly
13:36 Antimorph: ok imagine vertices as bits of blue tac (the stuff you stick posters on walls with, like gum)
13:36 SuperTard: ja
13:37 SuperTard: i select the one i want to stretch.. then i hit the break button
13:37 SuperTard: then i stretch it..
13:37 Antimorph: you can't stretch vertices
13:37 Antimorph: vertices are points in space, like full stops
13:37 SuperTard: well, i can move it
13:37 Antimorph: yeah, you can move them, and so move the associated poly
13:37 SuperTard: so the polys attatched to it change shape
13:38 Antimorph: yeah, thats right
13:38 Antimorph: If you want to do that, go to Edit Mesh, sub object vertex
13:38 SuperTard: then do i have to "attatch" it or make it part of the mesh,...
13:38 Antimorph: select the point you want to move and move it
13:38 SuperTard: since i "broke" it
13:38 SuperTard: is the question
13:38 Antimorph: no.. I've misled you, if you simply move the vertex
13:38 SuperTard: k
13:39 Antimorph: you haven't broken it, it remains part of the mesh
13:39 SuperTard: you didnt mislead me
13:39 SuperTard: the button name did
13:39 Antimorph: breaking vertices is if several polys share the same vertex
13:39 Antimorph: (imagine that shared vertex as a big bit of blue tac"
13:40 Antimorph: breaking means you can just grab the vertex with the poly you want to move and leave all the rest where they were
13:40 Antimorph: essnetially you've created a new vertex so that its no longer shared
13:40 Antimorph: like tearing a bit of blue tac from the conglomerate
13:40 Antimorph: kinda like
13:40 SuperTard: u select surrounding polys? i thought any poly attatched to that vertex point will move with it
13:40 Antimorph: :)
13:40 Antimorph: too much acid :)
13:41 Antimorph: yeah, it will. unless you break it
13:41 SuperTard: k
13:42 Antimorph: breaking is the opposite of welding
13:42 Antimorph: hehe, I'm gonna shut up now

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