Chat Log: extremely long and confusing TO-DO

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-06
Author: ali
12:43 Antimorph: you'll see a gap, we need to figure out how to align the wall and fllor so that this dissapears
12:43 scloink: hmmm
12:44 scloink: odd
12:44 scloink: problems
12:44 scloink: hang on
12:44 Antimorph: I don't know how to fix that yet
12:44 Antimorph: what sort of problems
12:44 scloink: aha
12:45 scloink: I have the middle button working
12:45 Antimorph: the rotate?
12:45 scloink: yes
12:45 Antimorph: Wooohoo
12:45 triple6s: problems his brain cut off supply to his hands
12:45 scloink: it seems I messed up the pivot point somehow
12:45 scloink: and it was rotating
12:45 Antimorph: s'ok
12:45 scloink: but on a large scale
12:46 Antimorph: hmm, ok go to hierachy
12:46 scloink: ok to the back building
12:46 Antimorph: select affect pivot only
12:46 Antimorph: and center it to the object
12:46 scloink: where is that
12:46 scloink: it is fine now
12:46 scloink: I reloaded
12:46 scloink: from your file
12:46 Antimorph: Hierarchy is the 4th one left from the hammer
12:46 Antimorph: k
12:47 Antimorph: OK, go to the back of the rear building into the rear left corner and make a note of the gap
12:47 Antimorph: Its not serious, but its a pain
12:47 Antimorph: When you've seen it
12:47 Antimorph: go to modifiers, edit mesh, sub-object polygon
12:48 Antimorph: press F2
12:49 Antimorph: press f4
12:49 scloink: hang on
12:49 Antimorph: now select all the polygons that make the floor in the left building
12:49 scloink: is it between the back wall
12:49 Antimorph: ok
12:49 scloink: and the floor
12:49 Antimorph: yeah
12:49 Antimorph: on the left corner especially
12:50 Antimorph: you could lose a cigerette down it
12:51 Antimorph: I probably moved some of the polygons on the floor slightly to generate that gap
12:51 Antimorph: if so its relatively easy to fix
12:51 scloink: ok I need to select all polys that make up the left building floor
12:51 Antimorph: you can move polygons accidently if your not careful when your selecting them
12:52 Antimorph: yeah, but press
12:52 Antimorph: F2 and F4 first
12:52 scloink: I did
12:52 Antimorph: kewl
12:52 scloink: what does that do
12:52 Antimorph: do you see all the edges now
12:52 scloink: no
12:52 Antimorph: I may have to send you my user interface
12:52 Antimorph: just a sec
12:52 scloink: they were there before
12:53 Antimorph: ok
12:53 Antimorph: select a face, does it turn red?
12:53 Antimorph: solid red
12:53 scloink: yes I hit F2 and F4 again
12:53 scloink: brought up the edges
12:53 Antimorph: kewl
12:54 Antimorph: and does it show red when you select a polygon
12:54 scloink: yes
12:54 Antimorph: kewl
12:54 Antimorph: now go to modifiers, uvw *unwrap*
12:54 Antimorph: and then edit
12:54 triple6s: bbialb
12:54 scloink: ok
12:54 SuperTard: anyone know a good message board script for a web site, or..
12:55 Antimorph: click on the options icon to the left of "Map #1"
12:55 SuperTard: know if you'll get in trouble for using a hacked UBB
12:55 SuperTard: the one that RP uses
12:55 SuperTard: for a non-revolt related site for a freind of mine.. they need a good message board script
12:56 scloink: I have no idea ST
12:56 SuperTard shuts up
12:56 SuperTard: ok
12:56 Antimorph: me neither
12:56 scloink: hehe
12:56 SuperTard: as you were soldiers
12:56 Antimorph: sorry ST
12:56 scloink: thank you sir
12:56 Antimorph: heh
12:56 Antimorph: ok did you open up the options dialog scloink?
12:56 scloink: yes
12:56 Antimorph: Tell me what it says in weld threshold
12:57 scloink: 3.01
12:57 Antimorph: kewl, that means that value exports with .max
12:57 SuperTard: ill have the sdk for 3dsmax later today
12:57 Antimorph: kewl
12:57 Antimorph: click cancel
12:57 scloink: ok
12:57 SuperTard: problems gettting on the guys site, think he fell asleep without turning it on :(
12:57 Antimorph: ok you see the square over the wooden tile
12:57 SuperTard: damn drunken swedes
12:57 scloink: yes
12:58 SuperTard shuts up again
12:58 SuperTard: bbl
12:58 scloink: looks like several
12:58 scloink: hehe
12:58 scloink: ok
12:58 Antimorph: Thats actually every virtually polygon on top of each other
12:58 scloink: ok
12:58 Antimorph: they are not perfectly aligned with each other
12:58 Antimorph: thats what we're gonna fix
12:58 scloink: I see
12:58 scloink: ok
12:58 Antimorph: draw a selection box around the UV vertices on one corner of the box
12:59 scloink: ok
12:59 Antimorph: they'll turn red, now click on "Weld Selected" which is to the left of "Update Map"
12:59 scloink: cool
12:59 Antimorph: do that for each corner
12:59 scloink: easy enough
12:59 scloink: ok
12:59 scloink: ok done
12:59 Antimorph: now use the magnifying glass to zoom in
13:00 scloink: to which area
13:00 Antimorph: and make sure that each corner vertex is at the corner of the bmp
13:00 scloink: ok hang on
13:00 Antimorph: we want to reduce tiling artifacts
13:00 Antimorph: by making this accurate
13:01 Antimorph: draw boxes to select the corner vertices and move them to the extremes of the floor texture
13:01 scloink: ok well it needs a little adjusting
13:01 Antimorph: yeah. but that will pay off
13:01 scloink: ok give me a min
13:01 Antimorph: you can pan the bmp with the middle mouse button
13:03 Antimorph: hmm
13:03 Antimorph: I'm still seeing tile seems
13:03 scloink: ok done
13:03 scloink: me too
13:03 Antimorph: Try this,
13:04 Antimorph: go to the options dialog and turn on "mid pixel snap"
13:04 Antimorph: then change the vertices so they lie halfway on the outer pixel of the bmp area
13:05 Antimorph: you'll need to soom in quite far
13:05 scloink: ok
13:05 Antimorph: actually
13:05 Antimorph: although its better than it was
13:05 Antimorph: its still not perfect
13:05 Antimorph: try goin a full pixel in
13:08 Antimorph: I won't pretend to understand
13:08 Antimorph: but you see what I was trying to do
13:08 Antimorph: and it will be better than before at leasst
13:08 scloink: yea I see
13:08 scloink: looks good though
13:09 Antimorph: ok, the same needs doing on the rest of the floors
13:09 Antimorph: but I'll let you do that at your pleasure
13:09 SuperTard: back
13:10 SuperTard: gonna go test some stuff
13:10 Antimorph: close the edit window, we're gonna try and map a wall
13:10 Antimorph: which wall you wanna do
13:11 scloink: hang on
13:11 Antimorph: if you turn of mid pixel snap
13:11 Antimorph: off even
13:11 Antimorph: and click on the pixel snap icon on the right bottom of the edit window
13:11 scloink: I didn't
13:11 Antimorph: you may find that better
13:11 scloink: ok
13:11 scloink: I will play with it
13:12 Antimorph: mid goes to the middle of the pixel, I think the tiling looks cool with one pixle remaining outside though
13:12 Antimorph: I think there is something at work here, antialiasing or something
13:12 scloink: is the back room finished
13:12 Antimorph: no,
13:12 Antimorph: nothing is finished. hehe
13:13 Antimorph: ok, are you ready to move on
13:13 scloink: because if it is
13:13 scloink: I wann do that wall
13:13 scloink: ok??
13:13 scloink: hello
13:14 Antimorph: which wall
13:14 Antimorph: got a bit lagged then
13:14 Antimorph: The walls will be tricky
13:14 Antimorph: cos we need to detach them
13:15 scloink: ok
13:15 Antimorph: but I wanna show you something on the floor
13:15 Antimorph: of the rear room
13:15 scloink: can we do a wall in the rear room
13:15 Antimorph: go to a position where you can see the floor of the rear room
13:15 scloink: because that is the one that needs to be tiled
13:16 scloink: ok there
13:16 Antimorph: you see how the concrete forms circles
13:16 scloink: yes
13:16 Antimorph: ok, we're gonna call that organic mapping
13:16 scloink: ok
13:16 Antimorph: you cant really see the circles when you're in car
13:16 scloink: ok np
13:16 Antimorph: and its quicker than inorganic mapping
13:16 Antimorph: so use it as you wish
13:17 scloink: I see a prob on the right room
13:17 Antimorph: ok, look to the rear wall
13:17 Antimorph: yeah, thats from modelling the door badly
13:17 Antimorph: I assume you talking about the floor tile
13:17 scloink: yes
13:17 scloink: hehe
13:18 Antimorph: It doesn't look too bad in car
13:18 Antimorph: it will be a pain to fix
13:18 Antimorph: we'll deal with that later ok
13:18 scloink: o0k
13:18 scloink: ok
13:18 scloink: brb
13:18 Antimorph: The rear wall is currently tiled with wood
13:18 Antimorph: k
13:19 scloink: ok back
13:19 scloink: yes I see that
13:19 Antimorph: do you wanna use the white wall texture from the other bmp
13:20 scloink: the white brick
13:20 Antimorph: k
13:20 Antimorph: what we need to do is detach the walls from the floors
13:20 scloink: ok
13:20 Antimorph: so that we can work on the walls with the right bmp
13:20 scloink: ok
13:20 Antimorph: first though, you may wish to fix the gap, I believe I know how
13:20 scloink: how do we do that
13:21 scloink: ok lets do that
13:21 Antimorph: just a sec
13:21 scloink: what is your background color set at
13:21 Antimorph: black
13:21 scloink: ok
13:21 scloink: let me change
13:22 scloink: how do I change color
13:23 Antimorph: customise, preferances, colour
13:23 Antimorph: top left drop down, viewport background
13:23 Antimorph: change it to black
13:24 scloink: cool
13:24 Antimorph: ok go to edit mesh when your done
13:24 scloink: done
13:24 Antimorph: subobject polygon
13:24 Antimorph: check the box, ignore backfacing
13:24 Antimorph: and select all the polygons on the floor that are next to the rear wall and rear left wall
13:24 scloink: I cannot see a gap
13:25 Antimorph: go closer
13:25 scloink: ahhh
13:25 scloink: I see
13:25 scloink: :)
13:25 Antimorph: actually scrub that
13:25 Antimorph: I think we'll weld instead
13:25 scloink: could loose a tire there
13:25 scloink: hehe
13:25 scloink: ok
13:25 Antimorph: actually you can't.heh
13:26 Antimorph: i tried
13:26 Antimorph: :)
13:26 scloink: hehe
13:26 scloink: that small
13:26 Antimorph: ok make sure ignore backfacing is *not* checked
13:26 Antimorph: in the edit mesh modifier go to subobject vertex
13:26 scloink: where
13:26 Antimorph: where what
13:26 scloink: where is ignore backfacing
13:27 Antimorph: in the edit mesh modifier heh
13:27 Antimorph: you got it?
13:27 scloink: yea it is not checked
13:27 Antimorph: when you do go to the rear bottom corner of the rear room
13:27 Antimorph: and select all the vertices from the wall and the floor that should make that corner
13:28 Antimorph: we're gonna weld them together
13:28 scloink: bottom corner
13:28 Antimorph: far corner, whatever you like, where the gap is
13:28 scloink: ok
13:28 Antimorph: we'll be repeating this for where the gap is and theres a junction between wall and floor
13:28 Antimorph: selected?
13:29 scloink: not yet
13:29 scloink: I am reading
13:29 Antimorph: k
13:30 scloink: it is not turning red
13:30 Antimorph: you must select
13:31 Antimorph: sub-object vertex
13:31 scloink: yes
13:31 scloink: I have that
13:31 Antimorph: ok, collapse the stack
13:31 Antimorph: see if we can free up memory
13:32 scloink: ok sorry but where is that
13:32 scloink: hehe
13:32 Antimorph: above subobject vertex, just to the right you'll see what looks like a stack of paper
13:33 Antimorph: click it and select collapse
13:33 scloink: ok
13:33 scloink: done
13:33 SuperTard: yea me
13:34 Antimorph: ok, click on subobject vertex, and try and select some vertices
13:34 scloink: ok I have all selected but the corners
13:34 SuperTard: 5 new prms for our level scloink
13:34 scloink: you want those selected too
13:34 scloink: cool ST
13:34 Antimorph: no
13:34 scloink: I am working on it now
13:34 Antimorph: all I want is the corners
13:35 Antimorph: we're gonna weld vertices to get rid of the gap
13:35 scloink: ok
13:35 Antimorph: weld as in, stick together
13:35 scloink: I mean the corners in back right and back left
13:35 Antimorph: sigh.
13:35 Antimorph: hehe
13:35 Antimorph: hmm no
13:36 Antimorph: just do it one bit at a time
13:36 scloink: I have the ones selected along the back
13:36 Antimorph: Oh god
13:36 Antimorph: lol
13:36 scloink: that is what I meant
13:36 scloink: hehe
13:36 Antimorph: ok, we can try that
13:37 scloink: what are you wanting me to do
13:37 Antimorph: go down on the right menu to where you see weld
13:37 Antimorph: Ok, I'll restate
13:37 Antimorph: Were looking at a gap between the rear wall and the floor in the back room
13:37 scloink: yes
13:37 Antimorph: can you see the edges for each tile on the wall and floor
13:38 scloink: yes
13:38 Antimorph: if you can't hit f4
13:38 Antimorph: ok
13:38 Antimorph: the tiles on the wall and floor are roughly the same size
13:38 scloink: yes
13:38 Antimorph: and the reason that theirs a gap is that the vertex that makes the edge on the floor is not connected to the vertex that makes the edge on the wall
13:38 Antimorph: if we connect them we can get rid of the gap yes?
13:39 scloink: right
13:39 Antimorph: ok
13:39 scloink: I understand
13:39 Antimorph: now we're gonna do this one tile at a time
13:39 scloink: oh ok
13:39 scloink: one ata a time hehe
13:39 scloink: I was doing all
13:39 scloink: hehe
13:39 Antimorph: ok
13:39 scloink: sorry
13:39 Antimorph: s'ok
13:40 Antimorph: when you've got one group selected, change the Weld threshold to something like 200
13:40 Antimorph: and hit the "Selected" button
13:40 Antimorph: This would probably work if you selected them all, but I just want to do them one at a time
13:40 Antimorph: for practice. eheh
13:41 Antimorph: I'm like a piano teacher
13:41 scloink: ok
13:41 Antimorph: YOU WILL DO YOUR SCALES
13:41 scloink: the threshhold is that the target
13:41 Antimorph: no, next to selected
13:41 Antimorph: you'll see a number
13:41 scloink: ok
13:41 Antimorph: 0.1 probably
13:41 Antimorph: I want you to change it to 200
13:41 scloink: ok
13:42 Antimorph: then hit the selected button
13:42 scloink: ok done
13:42 scloink: yep
13:42 Antimorph: you should see the vertices collapse and the gap on that section of the wall dissapear
13:42 scloink: yes
13:42 Antimorph: repeat this for wherever you find a gap
13:42 scloink: ok
13:42 Antimorph: select vertices, weld selected
13:42 Antimorph: repeat as often as you like
13:43 Antimorph: its a basic tool, that can be used in many places
13:43 Antimorph: We should Save now
13:43 Antimorph: Go to File
13:44 Antimorph: Save as, and press the + button
13:44 Antimorph: which will increment from shop11 to shop12
13:44 Antimorph: Is the duct walls a floor or a wall?
13:45 Antimorph: on the bmps
13:45 scloink: wall
13:45 Antimorph: k
13:45 Antimorph: How are you doin
13:45 Antimorph: ?
13:46 Antimorph: happy or not?
13:46 scloink: ready for more
13:46 scloink: hehe
13:46 Antimorph: kewl
13:46 Antimorph: use editmesh subobkect polygon and select everything thats a floor
13:46 Antimorph: it will be helpful to turn
13:46 Antimorph: ignore backfacing *on*
13:46 scloink: ok
13:47 Antimorph: select one poly at a time if you have to
13:47 Antimorph: hold the ctrl key down
13:47 Antimorph: and build the floor in red
13:47 Antimorph: so its all selected
13:47 Antimorph: also
13:48 Antimorph: make sure you turn off the move icon
13:48 Antimorph: this is how I made the gap in the first place
13:48 Antimorph: its often difficult to select faces without pulling them a bit, if you have the move icon on
13:48 Antimorph: so turn it off and just have the arrow select icon enabled
13:51 scloink: damn
13:51 Antimorph: If you make a mistake press undo select
13:51 scloink: this taking forever
13:51 Antimorph: if you highlight a fact that isn't floor, just select it again
13:52 ouch: back
13:52 scloink: hello
13:52 Antimorph: hi
13:53 scloink: man this is taking a while
13:53 Antimorph: you can drag a box around
13:53 scloink: my machine is moving in slow motion
13:53 Antimorph: large areas
13:53 scloink: yes
13:53 Antimorph: ahh
13:53 scloink: hehe
13:53 scloink: slow machine
13:53 Antimorph: what is it?
13:55 Antimorph: you can also use the irregular shape select tool
13:55 Antimorph: by holding down the square next to the arrow at the top and making it into the jagged line
13:56 Antimorph: dont forget the doorway floors
13:56 scloink: ok I think I got them all
13:56 Antimorph: kewl
13:57 Antimorph: Alt rotate around the model and check
13:57 Antimorph: heeh
13:57 scloink: ok got them
13:57 Antimorph: when your done click "Detach" which is in the editmesh menu on the right
13:57 scloink: slow
13:57 scloink: motion
13:58 scloink: hehe
13:58 Antimorph: next to attach and under delete
13:58 Antimorph: A box will spring up, write floor in the box and click ok
13:58 scloink: ok I named it Floors
13:58 Antimorph: kewl
13:58 Antimorph: resave
13:58 Antimorph: and then delete the floor
13:58 Antimorph: be right back
13:59 Antimorph: you'll need to click sub-object again to be able to select your two objects
13:59 Antimorph: seperately
13:59 Antimorph: 1 object is the floor, the other is the walls
14:00 Antimorph: So Save as "+" and delete the floor, then open material editor
14:00 scloink: huh'
14:00 scloink: you kina lost me
14:00 Antimorph: hmm, where
14:00 scloink: I deleted the floor
14:00 Antimorph: ok. did you save first?
14:01 scloink: yes
14:01 scloink: as Shop13
14:01 scloink: or whatever
14:01 Antimorph: kewl
14:01 Antimorph: so all you have left is the walls
14:01 scloink: yes
14:01 Antimorph: ok, open up the material editor which is four coloured spots next to the teapots at the top
14:02 Antimorph: you'll see the floors texture in the top left slot
14:03 scloink: I see no teapot
14:03 scloink: or spots
14:03 Antimorph: highlight it and click the X on the row of icons beneath the slot window
14:03 scloink: I know whereit is in 2.5
14:03 Antimorph: hmm, probably a resolution thing
14:03 Antimorph: you see the rendering tab at the top
14:03 scloink: yes
14:03 Antimorph: try it in there
14:04 Antimorph: found it?
14:04 scloink: yea
14:04 scloink: clicked the x
14:04 scloink: now what
14:04 Antimorph: ok, delete the floors texture
14:04 scloink: ok
14:04 Antimorph: by highlighting its slot and hitting the X, then load in the walls texture
14:05 Antimorph: Affect in scence and editor
14:05 Antimorph: if it prompts you
14:05 Antimorph: So you know how to load a bitmap?
14:05 Antimorph: So = Do
14:06 scloink: yes
14:06 scloink: done
14:06 Antimorph: kewl
14:06 scloink: ready for next
14:06 Antimorph: ok, apply that texture to the walls object
14:07 Antimorph: and click the show in viewport box
14:07 scloink: ok
14:07 Antimorph: you may have to select the walls first
14:07 Antimorph: k
14:07 Antimorph: close the material editor
14:07 scloink: ok
14:07 Antimorph: if you go to the back wall
14:07 Antimorph: you'll see that I mapped it already
14:08 scloink: yes
14:08 scloink: you da man
14:08 scloink: hehe
14:08 Antimorph: again, you'll need to clean the alignment up, shall we map another wall
14:08 scloink: yes
14:08 Antimorph: using the inorganing method
14:08 Antimorph: ok
14:08 Antimorph: which wall shall we do
14:09 Antimorph: one of the ones in the courtyard?
14:09 scloink: one we have to tile
14:09 scloink: yes
14:09 Antimorph: you can tile any and/or all of the
14:09 Antimorph: them
14:09 scloink: well I mean one we have to tile
14:09 Antimorph: ok the courtyard it is
14:09 Antimorph: lets do one with a door
14:09 Antimorph is scared
14:09 scloink: the big one against the back
14:09 scloink: oh ok
14:09 scloink: hehe
14:09 Antimorph: no, the doors are harder
14:09 scloink: a door
14:09 Antimorph: :)
14:09 Antimorph: be right back, need fags
14:10 scloink: hehe
14:10 Antimorph: Its rather an unfortunate name for cigerettes
14:10 scloink: brb
14:10 Antimorph: I'm just gonna suck on a fag for a bit
14:10 scloink: need to strangle dog
14:10 scloink: hehe
14:10 Antimorph: k, np
14:12 Antimorph: Its at this point we find that morph isn't as good a modellor as he'd like everyone to think
14:13 Antimorph: because some of the doors will map well, others not so well
14:13 scloink: hehe
14:13 scloink: back
14:13 scloink: they are aweful short eh
14:14 scloink: for the shorter europeans
14:14 Antimorph: what are?
14:14 scloink: the doors
14:14 Antimorph: hehe
14:14 scloink: are they the same as what I did
14:14 Antimorph: doubt it
14:14 scloink: hehe
14:14 Antimorph: but they drive ok
14:14 Antimorph: they aren't too short
14:15 scloink: why didn't you take it up to the next line
14:15 Antimorph: however
14:15 scloink: yes however
14:15 Antimorph: eh?
14:15 scloink: NM
14:15 scloink: lets go
14:15 scloink: hehe
14:15 scloink: I am looking at the exterior wall
14:15 Antimorph: do you wanna bad door, or a good door
14:15 scloink: of the left building
14:16 Antimorph: whats your point?
14:16 scloink: what point
14:16 scloink: ??
14:16 Antimorph: about the exterior wall
14:16 scloink is confused
14:16 Antimorph: on the left building
14:16 scloink: oh
14:17 scloink: I was waiting to texture
14:17 scloink: hehe
14:17 scloink: was telling you where I was
14:17 Antimorph: k
14:17 Antimorph: what texture are we using?
14:17 scloink: oops
14:18 scloink: I see a floor poly I missed
14:18 scloink: damn
14:18 Antimorph: s'ok i'll send you mine
14:18 scloink: ok
14:18 scloink: the stucco texture
14:18 scloink: is for the exterior
14:18 Antimorph: stucco?
14:18 scloink: the pinkish orange one
14:19 Antimorph: top left?
14:19 Antimorph: on the bmp
14:19 scloink: yes
14:19 Antimorph: k
14:19 scloink: did I make you mad
14:19 scloink: or something
14:19 Antimorph: no
14:19 Antimorph: don't be daft
14:19 scloink: ok
14:19 scloink: hehe
14:20 Antimorph: :)
14:20 Antimorph: I'm just thinking things through
14:20 scloink: ok
14:20 Antimorph: this door is gonna be a problem but hey ho
14:20 Antimorph: we'll work round it
14:20 Antimorph: ok, use edit-mesh polygon and select
14:20 Antimorph: polygons on that wall that don't touch each other
14:21 Antimorph: so like, from left to right, where the top left polygon is 1, and the one to the left of it is 2
14:21 Antimorph: oos, to the right of it
14:21 Antimorph: your looking to select, 1,3,5,7,9, etc
14:21 scloink: like a checker board
14:22 Antimorph: nearly
14:22 Antimorph: but miss out a row
14:22 scloink: but no diagonal tiles
14:22 Antimorph: now vertex must be shared between two polygons
14:22 Antimorph: yep
14:22 scloink: ok
14:22 Antimorph: skip the door for the moment
14:22 scloink: ok
14:22 scloink: was about to ask that
14:22 scloink: hehe
14:23 Antimorph: :)
14:23 Antimorph: when thats done hit UVW map
14:23 scloink: what about the triangle by the arch
14:23 Antimorph: select it
14:23 scloink: ok
14:23 Antimorph: it don't matter if the tile is slightly deformed
14:23 Antimorph: in UVW map, your aligment is Why
14:24 Antimorph: "YY"
14:24 Antimorph: not Z
14:24 scloink: ok
14:24 scloink: now what
14:24 Antimorph: now go to uvw unwrap
14:24 Antimorph: edit and you'll see lots of nice little polys
14:24 scloink: ok
14:24 scloink: on the left
14:24 Antimorph: which we're gonna move on top of each other
14:24 Antimorph: the ones on the right are off the screen
14:24 scloink: ok
14:25 Antimorph: hit the zoom extents button
14:25 Antimorph: which is bottom right, next to the magnet
14:25 scloink: ok
14:25 scloink: done
14:25 Antimorph: kewl
14:25 Antimorph: ok, now select the boxes in a row of boxes
14:25 Antimorph: and move them onto the row beneath
14:26 scloink: I don't see any boxes
14:26 Antimorph: what do you see?
14:26 scloink: very small boxes
14:26 scloink: like vertexes
14:26 Antimorph: ok, close the window
14:27 Antimorph: and remove the unwrap modifier using the dustbin next to
14:27 Antimorph: edit stack
14:27 scloink: ok
14:27 scloink: done
14:27 Antimorph: your back at UVW mapping
14:27 scloink: yes
14:27 Antimorph: Whats it say for alignment
14:27 Antimorph: on the right above fit
14:27 scloink: Y
14:27 Antimorph: which wall are you working on?
14:28 SuperTard: hey
14:28 scloink: the one on the left building
14:28 Antimorph: left building courtyard exterior
14:28 scloink: yes
14:28 Antimorph: hmm
14:28 scloink: yes ST
14:28 SuperTard: i have a different more detailed playset2.prm
14:28 Antimorph: mapping is planer yeah
14:28 scloink: yes
14:28 SuperTard: i made
14:28 scloink: ok
14:28 scloink: cool
14:28 Antimorph: Whats it say in the Length box
14:28 scloink: yes Morph
14:29 scloink: 9157.32
14:29 SuperTard: i have to do some final tests on these... man, the tracklights fit perfect in the "entrance" you'd trip if you were here
14:29 Antimorph: cool
14:29 SuperTard: watching
14:29 scloink: cool
14:29 Antimorph: ok, go back to uvw unwrap
14:29 SuperTard: i wanna light this bitch up... this levels gonna rule
14:29 Antimorph: heh
14:29 Antimorph: for a short time only ST
14:29 Antimorph: hehe
14:30 Antimorph: The king is coming
14:30 SuperTard: who dat?
14:30 Antimorph: :)
14:30 Antimorph: Dat me dat is
14:30 Antimorph: hehe
14:30 scloink: hehe
14:30 SuperTard: 41,88)
14:30 scloink: we are hard at work to make you happy
14:30 Antimorph: just kidding
14:30 scloink: :)
14:31 Antimorph: You in unwrap edit xloink
14:31 scloink: yes
14:31 SuperTard: bbiab
14:31 scloink: ok
14:31 Antimorph: do you see boxes at all
14:31 Antimorph: shit, I gotta go eat
14:31 Antimorph: bbialb
14:32 Antimorph: suggest you save here with + or give it the name walls
14:32 scloink: ok
14:32 Antimorph: at the top of the edit box
14:32 scloink: np
14:32 Antimorph: next to the options dialog icon
14:32 Antimorph: what sort of mapping does it say
14:32 Antimorph: UV?
14:32 Antimorph: or something else
14:32 Antimorph: make sure its UV
14:33 scloink: it is
14:33 Antimorph: not VW or UW
14:33 scloink: I see vertices with lines
14:33 scloink: but no boxes
14:33 scloink: i can move them
14:33 Antimorph: do these vertices with lines make a box with a diagonal line
14:33 Antimorph: a rectangle
14:34 Antimorph: you have groups of 4 vertices
14:34 scloink: if I move them Ithey will
14:34 Antimorph: hmm
14:34 Antimorph: I gotta go
14:34 Antimorph: be right back
14:34 scloink: ok
14:34 scloink: I will play
14:34 Antimorph: k
14:39 SuperTard: scloink there?
14:42 SuperTard: scloink?
14:43 SuperTard: i wanna send you the level as ive made it so far .. 2.7m zip
14:43 scloink: hello
14:43 scloink: oh
14:43 scloink: wait
14:43 SuperTard: ok
14:43 scloink: I may have the building done tomorrow
14:43 SuperTard: like so you can see the prms ive made, and junk
14:43 scloink: maybe
14:44 scloink: if so then we can really start
14:44 SuperTard: and where i put the trak lights etc.
14:44 scloink: ok cool
14:44 scloink: send away
14:44 SuperTard: then you'll have the prms and ncps and stuff
14:44 SuperTard: that i made
14:44 scloink: the positioning may change
14:44 SuperTard: and i want yer opinion on the new playset and stuff
14:44 scloink: because the building is a bit different
14:44 SuperTard: brb
14:44 scloink: ok
14:47 scloink: why you sending me that
14:48 scloink: did yoy change it
14:49 SuperTard: have i sent b4?
14:49 scloink: yes
14:50 scloink: hehe
14:50 SuperTard: doh
14:50 scloink: but np
14:50 SuperTard: did you see it in max yet/
14:50 SuperTard: ?
14:50 scloink: no not yet
14:50 SuperTard: can we stop it or are you overwriting
14:51 scloink: overwriting
14:54 scloink: brb morph
14:54 Antimorph: k
14:57 scloink: ok back
14:57 Antimorph: k
14:57 scloink: I figured out whats going on
14:58 Antimorph: what was it?
14:58 SuperTard: man... i feel productive today.. in reguards to funshope
14:58 scloink: it is placing all the vertexes together
14:58 scloink: I have to move all of them
14:58 SuperTard: i made 4 good .prms today
14:58 SuperTard: er converted them
14:58 scloink: to get them to form boxes
14:58 SuperTard: my first .prm successes !!!!
14:58 Antimorph: hmm
14:58 scloink: cool
14:59 Antimorph: well done ST
14:59 scloink: each row is on top of itself
14:59 SuperTard: shelves too, not sure i mentioned that... like display shelves
14:59 Antimorph: I have a theory Scloink
14:59 SuperTard: scl
14:59 scloink: weird
14:59 scloink: cool
14:59 Antimorph: Shall I hit you with it, you may not like it though
14:59 scloink: hopefully I will have a building for you soon
14:59 Antimorph: as it may not work
14:59 SuperTard: oops, i didnt place them, in the level, but if you scroll thru the instances you'll see them
14:59 scloink: whats that
15:00 SuperTard: (shelves)
15:00 scloink: ok
15:00 SuperTard: bbl
15:00 scloink: ok
15:00 SuperTard: talk amongst yerselves, im a little verklempt
15:00 Antimorph: go back to the UVW mapping bit by removing the unwrapping modifier
15:00 Antimorph: and hit fit
15:00 Antimorph: verklempt?
15:00 scloink: ok
15:00 Antimorph: hehe
15:00 SuperTard: verplenkt ?
15:01 SuperTard: ya know coffe-tawlk
15:01 Antimorph: ahh, hehe
15:01 Antimorph: cya later
15:01 Antimorph: then
15:01 scloink: ok morph that worked
15:01 Antimorph: you hit fit yet
15:01 Antimorph: go back to uvw unwrap
15:01 scloink: yep
15:01 scloink: I did
15:01 scloink: I am there dood
15:01 scloink: :0
15:01 Antimorph: you see boxes now?
15:01 scloink: :)
15:01 scloink: yes
15:01 Antimorph: kewlio
15:02 Antimorph: hit zoom extents to see them all
15:02 Antimorph: move them all on top of each other
15:02 scloink: ok
15:03 Antimorph: you can do more than one "box" at a time
15:03 Antimorph: you don't have to be too accurate either cos we're gonna weld them
15:04 Antimorph: Go to the options dialog and change the line colour to blue or something
15:04 Antimorph: select each corner group and hit the weld selected icon
15:04 Antimorph: do that for each corner and then move the corners to the extremities of the wall bmp we're using
15:05 Antimorph: don't be too accurate at this stage
15:05 scloink: what about the tringle piece
15:05 Antimorph: we're just putting them roughly we'll fix them up
15:05 Antimorph: I don't have a triangle piece, Ahh, i see what you did
15:05 Antimorph: you got three vertices for it yeah
15:05 Antimorph: the top left should go the top left of the box
15:06 Antimorph: etc
15:06 scloink: ok
15:06 scloink: done
15:06 Antimorph: kewl
15:06 Antimorph: you wanna weld them, or did you do that
15:07 scloink: I did that
15:07 Antimorph: woohoo
15:07 Antimorph: did you put them about where they should be
15:07 scloink: and moved it to the bmp extremes
15:07 Antimorph: k, check in the viewport that they are aligned correctly, ie, do we need to rotate them
15:07 scloink: I lined the boxes up like they were on the map
15:08 Antimorph: ok, it don't look like it
15:08 Antimorph: just a sec
15:08 scloink: I have an x in the center on the unwrap map
15:08 Antimorph: an X
15:08 Antimorph: ?
15:08 scloink: instead of one line
15:08 scloink: I have two crossing
15:08 Antimorph: yeah thats right
15:08 scloink: through the middle
15:09 Antimorph: thats what you want
15:09 Antimorph: the squares are actually two triangles
15:09 Antimorph: that X is the edges of them
15:09 Antimorph: you with me
15:09 Antimorph: ok, close the edit window and then select the next group of (non-contiguous) faces and repeat what we've done
15:10 scloink: ok
15:10 Antimorph: We'll need to do this four times
15:10 Antimorph: you should rocket through them now
15:11 Antimorph: select, uvw map, fit, uvw unwrap, move the shit about, weld it, close, editmesh, select the next "batch,", uvw mpa, fit, unwrap. etc etc
15:11 Antimorph: alighment Why, don't forget that
15:11 Antimorph: YY
15:11 Antimorph: even
15:12 scloink: brb
15:12 SuperTard: jump down, turn around, pick a bail of cotton?
15:12 Antimorph: hehe
15:12 Antimorph: thats the one
15:13 Antimorph: you better let me win
15:13 Antimorph: hehe
15:14 Antimorph: when you can't select a square, select what looks like a square
15:18 scloink: whew
15:18 scloink: still at it
15:19 scloink: but I have it down now
15:19 scloink: hehe
15:19 Antimorph: kewl
15:19 scloink: brb
15:19 Antimorph: you'll come to some polys that border the tunnel
15:19 Antimorph: you can make these look good, but I'll leave that to your imagination and ingenuity
15:20 Antimorph: cos i can't be arsed to explain
15:20 Antimorph: hehe
15:21 SuperTard: dont leave it up to him, do it for him!
15:21 Antimorph: lol
15:21 SuperTard: please!!!!?!?!
15:21 SuperTard: j/k
15:22 Antimorph: When you got them all mapped
15:22 Antimorph: select all of them, like we did with the wooden floor, and tighten the mapping up a bit
15:23 scloink: why are going through all this trouble just to let me screw it up
15:23 SuperTard: heh
15:23 scloink: hehe
15:23 SuperTard: he wants to secure a historical place in my faq
15:24 Antimorph: when you select them all, don't hit uvw map or you'll lose every thing
15:24 scloink: hehe
15:24 Antimorph: eh
15:24 scloink: ok
15:24 Antimorph: hehe
15:24 Antimorph: go to uvw unwrap
15:24 scloink: that would suck
15:24 scloink: hehe
15:24 Antimorph: and do a final weld on the polys
15:24 scloink: ok
15:25 scloink: what about around the door
15:25 ali: Hi kids
15:25 Antimorph: trust you to bring up the door
15:25 Antimorph: Hi alee
15:25 Antimorph: ali even
15:25 SuperTard: hi
15:25 scloink: hello ali
15:25 SuperTard: i have to go pick up my kid
15:25 scloink: sorry morph
15:25 SuperTard: brb
15:26 scloink: :)
15:26 scloink: ok
15:26 Antimorph: k, where are you
15:27 scloink: almost done with the wall
15:27 scloink: brb
15:27 Antimorph: ok, I'm exploring how to do the door
15:28 Antimorph: can we make the door taller
15:28 SuperTard: is there a way to make a .prm that moves? or pivots, or are we talking .m ?
15:28 Antimorph: hmm, we'll have to see about that
15:28 Antimorph: dunno
15:28 Antimorph: ST
15:29 SuperTard: k, *poof*
15:29 scloink: we could take the door to the next line up
15:29 scloink: if you want
15:29 Antimorph: yeah, the only thing I worry about with doing that
15:29 ali: .prm's cannot be animated or moved around.
15:29 scloink: that way you don't have that diagonal line there
15:29 Antimorph: is that we'll be left with a couple of tiny polys
15:29 scloink: hmmm
15:30 Antimorph: and I'm not sure if theyre gonna flicker in RV
15:30 scloink: ok
15:30 Antimorph: but ok, select the edge that makes the top of the door
15:30 scloink: you could make it double door
15:30 Antimorph: do the edge on the other side int he other room too
15:30 scloink: wait
15:30 Antimorph: k
15:30 scloink: I am not done
15:31 Antimorph: There is a valuable lesson here
15:31 Antimorph: always make the door with a vertice in the middle at the top
15:31 Soul^: hey hey
15:32 Antimorph: Hi Soul^
15:32 Antimorph: Scloink, with luck no one will se e the top of this door.
15:32 Antimorph: :)
15:33 ali: ?
15:34 Antimorph: dunno
15:34 Antimorph: weird
15:34 scloink: ok all that is left is around the door and a little on the arch
15:34 Antimorph: k, I did the arch, the door remains
15:34 scloink: k let me do the arch

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