Chat Log: yet even more on texture mapping in 3dsmax

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Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
01:46 BurnRubr: i just wish i could figure out how to texture map in 3ds max
01:47 SuperTard: yeah 3dsmax is WAY complicated
01:47 BurnRubr: I cannot get it to work.Even tho it looks right in max the exprted prm not have any texture mapping assigned to it
01:47 SuperTard: you need chaos's re-map tool? BR?
01:47 BurnRubr: no not that problem
01:47 BurnRubr: model problem
01:48 BurnRubr: getting the texure to stick on the model
01:48 BurnRubr: rv remap wouldnt work for that purpose
01:48 Bubba_Z: theres a few thngs, the first i would think of would be the colored balls icon in the upperR/H corner of the tool bar, the material editor, if its not loaded as a diffuse map, bmp, then theres no coordinates assighned
01:49 BurnRubr: just not know how to assign the terxture to the model before exporting
01:50 Bubba_Z: you know what im talking about?
01:50 BurnRubr: done that even had it show up right in tha perpestive algin view
01:50 BurnRubr: get it mapped right there but it not stick to the model
01:51 Bubba_Z: ok, how about, ...edit mesh, selecting the faces you want mapped, then when youve turned the selected faces red, click on uvw map...
01:52 BurnRubr: but the thing still not work when i export
01:52 Bubba_Z: hmmm...i dont get it
01:52 BurnRubr: even if i save as a max file the correct texture mapping is still not there
01:53 BurnRubr: it all looks right in max until i save or export the file
02:12 Bubba_Z: ill redo it if it cant be done, just let me know :) good luck and have fun :) later :)

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