Chat Log: Babble about floors

Listed in: Extreme editing, Instances
Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
02:31 BurnRubr: thinking of using the floor from the warehouse kit
02:31 BurnRubr: to make the floor for the w file
02:32 triple6s: that would be best place to start
02:32 SuperTard: yeah, its one big flat prm thats for sure
02:32 BurnRubr: just use it a few times to make the surface area bigger
02:32 SuperTard: off center a little on the defalut warhouse kit
02:32 triple6s: i can resize it
02:32 SuperTard: you can drop a wheel between it and one of the walls
02:33 BurnRubr: what size is the biggest floor area in revolt?any one know

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