Chat Log: About texturemaps and resizing

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Date: 2000-03-19
Author: ali
00:28 Cybinary: hey john, i had a question for ya about 3dsmax
00:28 BurnRubr: okay what cyb
00:28 Cybinary: whats the unit confersion for rv
00:28 BurnRubr: how things Jeff &Kevin?
00:28 BurnRubr: use generic then it is 1:1
00:29 triple6s: hello john
00:29 Cybinary: can i resize after we export?
00:29 BurnRubr: yes
00:29 Cybinary: ok then...i got a model for ya
00:29 BurnRubr: but better rezing smaller than larger
00:29 Cybinary: ugg
00:29 Cybinary: ok then...gotta make it bigger
00:30 Cybinary: kinda small right now
00:30 BurnRubr: as i had problems making something larger with resizer as it messed my textures
00:30 Cybinary: ok, i will change size and look for ya when i get it done
  time passes
00:46 BurnRubr: you done the bmp
00:46 Cybinary: nope
00:46 Cybinary: just did a black/gray texture in max
00:46 BurnRubr: how you going to have textured in revolt
00:47 BurnRubr: or you only going to use primary colour
00:47 BurnRubr: and kill the bmp reference
00:47 Cybinary: not will have bmp/bmq combo for front part of screen
00:47 BurnRubr: Jeff what ya doing
00:47 Cybinary: showing revolt opening or menu
00:48 Cybinary: but rest i just want to make look like a TV tube
00:48 BurnRubr: need to be mapped before export
00:48 Cybinary: do i need to do that?
00:48 BurnRubr: as you can not texture map after beinmade a prm
00:48 Cybinary: ahh,
00:49 BurnRubr: you want picture on front.On the screen?
00:49 Cybinary: yea
00:49 Cybinary: bmq changes to bmp when get closer
00:50 Cybinary: but want it bigger too
00:50 Cybinary: want it look big in RV
00:50 BurnRubr: well you need to put the picture you want on a bmp then use texture mapping to place the pic on screen front
00:50 Cybinary: like cars driving in monitor
00:52 Cybinary: will the 3ds file include the texture file as well?
00:52 BurnRubr: yes it saves texture reference
00:52 Cybinary: ok, i will work on textures
00:53 BurnRubr: you can make bigger
00:53 Cybinary: was having probs with textures...gotta play with max some more in that area
00:53 BurnRubr: by using the resize mesure command in max
00:53 Cybinary: couldnt find a resize command
00:53 BurnRubr: i could try for you but no promises if you send the bmp
00:54 BurnRubr: known as measure
00:54 BurnRubr: and then click on the square box thing white box with small brown left bottom corner
00:54 BurnRubr: of the box
00:54 BurnRubr: on top icon display
00:55 BurnRubr: up there some where
00:55 BurnRubr: be different spot than mine
00:57 Cybinary: ok, my icons are sorted in a whole slew of them
00:57 BurnRubr: be munu thing measure then look for a icon thing
00:57 BurnRubr: which is white square with a brownbox in icon too
00:59 BurnRubr: you have a hammer icon button thing
00:59 Cybinary: not sure...let me check
01:00 BurnRubr: i not know how 3 set up as mine 2.5 layout is different
01:00 scloink: what do you want me to call you
01:03 Cybinary: ok john, under the hammer and measure...what now?
01:04 BurnRubr: with measure button depressed, click and drag your mesh larger

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