Chat Log: Getting rid of "X" signs flashing up

Listed in: Track building, AI Nodes, POS Nodes
Date: 2000-05-16
Author: ali
12:57 triple6s: hey morph i think i figured out what was wrong with Cyb's track
12:57 triple6s: the x popping up
12:58 Antimorph: What was it Trips?
12:58 Antimorph: I haven't been able to make it bring up an X at all
12:58 triple6s: you know how he had tunnels and the AI split
12:58 Antimorph: yup
12:58 triple6s: if you get to far from the AI line it pops up
12:59 triple6s: if you stay close it does not pop up
12:59 Antimorph: I had no idea that the AI nodes affected X's, interesting
12:59 Antimorph: Are you able to repeat the thing
13:00 Nairb: I dfon't think AI nodes do
13:00 Nairb: POS nodes Definately do
13:00 Antimorph: yeah nairb, hang on a minute
13:01 Nairb: check those out, and make sure they go right along the racing line
13:01 Antimorph: Trips?
13:01 triple6s: i changed the tunnels to crossroad and corners and straight pieces and played with it if i took the path at crossroad it did not pop up
13:02 Nairb: if you make a tight turn on a turn with wide placed POS nodes, you'll get an X
13:02 triple6s: but if i went to the end and jumped to 1 of the other paths it would end up giving you a x
13:02 Nairb: The POS nodes must be placed along the SHORTEST route along the track
13:04 triple6s: so i tried the same paths on Cyb's version and it was fine work like the track i made
13:04 Nairb: I thought it was all caused by track zones, until scloink told me it was pos nodes

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