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Chat Log What are AI walls?
2000-03-06 10 lines triple6s, Cybinary, scloink
Chat Log Discussing multi-mapping
2000-03-07 15 lines triple6s, BurnRubr
Chat Log What defines a RV polygon?
2000-05-01 32 lines Antimorph, ali
Chat Log Introduction to binary file contents
2000-05-07 19 lines Antimorph, ali
Chat Log Differences and confusions about "Black" and "Invisible"
2000-05-08 36 lines scloink, ali
Chat Log What is ENV mapping?
2000-05-09 8 lines Antimorph, ali
Chat Log What are "intermediate" files
2000-05-18 8 lines Magne, ali
Chat Log The "rain" effect
2000-05-26 10 lines Spaceman, ED-Nick, LaserBeams
Chat Log Env mapping in detail
2000-05-29 52 lines SKITCH2, Antimorph, LaserBeams
Web Link .w/.ncp Breakdown
Lists the structure of some of Re-Volt's data files.
Web Link .hul Breakdown
Show the structure of .hul files