Chat Log: The "rain" effect

Listed in: Technical backgrounds
Date: 2000-05-26
Author: ali
16:21 LaserBeams: does anyone know if farce fields affect rain as well? could make some neat effects...
16:22 Spaceman: don't think so. rain is not an object and AFAIK the raindrops are no 3D objects
16:22 LaserBeams: well, darn... they are 3d... but lines.
16:22 ED-Nick: anyone ever go into f4 mode and go where you couldnt see anything while its raining
16:23 ED-Nick: then look straight down?
16:23 LaserBeams: yes
16:23 ED-Nick: the rain is only in front of you :D, and only about 100 units at that :)
16:23 LaserBeams: rain is only calculated in an arc in front of the camera
16:23 LaserBeams: It's further than that, but not much.
16:24 LaserBeams: the little rainsplashes are calculated over the whole level, I think

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