Chat Log: Discussing multi-mapping

Listed in: Technical backgrounds, Extreme editing
Date: 2000-03-07
Author: ali
01:27 BurnRubr: well i got about 6 stadiums now
01:27 BurnRubr: see which is the easier to convert for you
01:27 triple6s: i am not picky any would be fine
01:27 BurnRubr: problem is i need to remap to the 1 bmp with them
01:27 BurnRubr: as they are multi textured
01:27 BurnRubr: so got to find 1 that i can do
01:28 triple6s: do you need to doit on 2
01:28 triple6s: 2 for trucks leaves me 4
01:28 BurnRubr: the plugin only lets us map to the 1 bmp
01:28 triple6s: i see
01:28 BurnRubr: acclaim had a tool that let them multi map
01:29 BurnRubr: one they gave us only maps to 1
01:29 BurnRubr: as it was made for cars
01:29 BurnRubr: and we use it for instances
01:29 triple6s: gready aint they hehe

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