Chat Log: Differences and confusions about "Black" and "Invisible"

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Date: 2000-05-08
Author: ali
14:59 scloink: ok if a poly has rgb of 0,0,0 you cannot see it right
14:59 scloink: does the engine still render it
14:59 scloink: it does it ignore it
15:00 scloink: it=or
15:02 ali: uuhhh
15:02 ali: things mixup
15:03 scloink: huh
15:03 ali: Do you refer to having black pixels in textures or to shadings?
15:03 scloink: black
15:03 ali: Then it still gets rendered
15:03 scloink: I am asking that if I make the walls on my track clear will I get better framerates
15:04 ali: What walls?
15:04 ali: The blue ones?
15:04 scloink: editor
15:04 scloink: yes
15:04 ali: You can't make them "clear"
15:04 ali: They are colored only without textures.
15:05 scloink: ok
15:05 ali: Setting a color to black has nothing to do with invisibilty
15:05 ali: It's just black
15:05 scloink: but you can't see it
15:05 scloink: in game
15:05 ali: Turning them off (with the tedelete() option in glue3) will increase framerate
15:05 ali: You *can* see it in game. It's black.
15:06 scloink: not if you have rgb 0,0,0 then you can't see the texture it appears clear
15:07 ali: But the blue walls aren't textured.
15:07 scloink: ok
15:07 scloink: I see
15:07 scloink: another question to clear up my thinking
15:07 scloink: :)
15:08 scloink: if I have something textured with rgb 0,0,0 then is it rendered
15:08 scloink: or is it ignored
15:08 scloink: like a window
15:08 scloink: instance
15:10 ali: It's full rendered
15:11 scloink: ok

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