Chat Log: Exporting whole tracks, creating landscapes

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Date: 2000-06-02
Author: ali
12:03 Magne: if I have understood it right, I can make the whole level in 3dmax 3.0 and map it as i want, apply all the surface proporties I want and make it a w file
12:04 Antimorph: yup
12:04 Cybinary: dont you have to export it to a ase first?
12:04 Magne: so, about the smoothing groups
12:04 Cybinary: then convert it to the .w file?
12:04 Antimorph: yeah thats right
12:04 Magne: I understood that in order to set tranparency i needed to use smoothing groups right?
12:05 Antimorph: what about smoothing groups
12:05 Antimorph: depends if you want to use the -morph or -ali switch
12:05 Antimorph: did you decide on which one you want to use yet?
12:05 Magne: yeah, what'sa that all about??
12:05 Magne: what's the difference, what is the ali or morph switch?
12:05 Antimorph: Hard to explain
12:06 Antimorph: -morph is quicker, more streamlined
12:06 Antimorph: -ali allows you do do everything, albeit more slowly
12:06 Magne: I'll probably do some reading soon, on the docs that followed, but I can't just set the ocopacity in the material editor?
12:07 Antimorph: you can, if thats what you want to do best use the -ali switch
12:07 Antimorph: remember though that if you make a submaterial transparent
12:08 Antimorph: then everything you use that material on
12:08 Antimorph: will be transparent
12:08 Magne: just one question more, I understood it like I can apply several smoothing groups to an object, but then I read if i applied more than one smoothing groups, it would automaticly use the highest number
12:09 Antimorph: it will take the highest number for a particular set
12:09 Magne: ??
12:09 Antimorph: so you've got 25 for surfact properties, 5-6 for transparency, 32 is no collision
12:09 Magne: yeah
12:09 Antimorph: if you try to make something slippy
12:09 Antimorph: by applying surface type 10
12:10 Antimorph: and you apply another surface type as well, say 14
12:10 Antimorph: the tools will choose 14, because 14 is another surface type
12:10 Magne: yeah, but what about the tranparency?
12:10 Antimorph: you can mix
12:10 Antimorph: say 10 and 26
12:10 Magne: what do you mean?
12:11 Antimorph: the tools will chose 10 for the surface type and 26 for the transparency
12:11 Magne: i can apply 10 and 26 then, and it will not just choose 26 cause 26 is the highest number?
12:11 Magne: aha
12:11 Antimorph: no, it won't because 26 is not a surface type
12:12 Antimorph: its not in the same "class"
12:12 Antimorph: I've gotta go, be right back
12:13 Magne: anybody who can tell me what a point surcae is, and what's the difference between a point surface, a plane and a quad patch???
12:13 Magne: surae=surface
12:14 Cybinary: point is were plane meets, a plane is a flat surfact, quad patch is a surface made for tiling
12:14 Magne: (and a cv-surface for that matter)
12:15 Magne: so, i still don't understand the difference , I I make a point surface in max and a quad patch next to it, what is the difference between the two?
12:17 Antimorph: There is no difference magne
12:17 Antimorph: at least as far as RV is concerned
12:18 Antimorph: Quads are made from 4 vertices
12:18 Magne: oh ok
12:18 Antimorph: Quad is short for Quadrangle
12:18 Antimorph: tri is short for triangle
12:19 Magne: in the wild west levels, the ground looks like could be sort of a plane, how many segs do you think they have, cause it looks smooth
12:19 Antimorph: Game engines can often manipulate quads and tris, however, the ASE export function seems only to export tri's
12:19 Antimorph: I imagine it doesn't have that many
12:20 Antimorph: Maggy just got home
12:20 Antimorph: be right back
12:20 Magne: I'm thinking of making a dirt track level, like a rc-car race level outside, but I don't know yet how I will make the ground
12:22 Cybinary: yea, make a landscape in max
12:22 Magne: how?
12:22 Cybinary: flat plane with bumps and stuff
12:23 Antimorph: One very simple way to make ground, is just use a quad patch
12:23 Antimorph: and drag the vertices wherever you want them
12:23 Magne: yeah, but I figured that I only need the track, not a square landscape, and besides, some of it can be very few polys, like a flat area, and the bumpy section needs more polys
12:23 Antimorph: use the noise modifier, ripple, wave, relax
12:23 Magne: oh cool, I'll try those
12:23 Antimorph: if you manipulate things in relatively high poly
12:24 Antimorph: you can optiise later, I think
12:24 Antimorph: its best not to tile
12:24 Magne: got any ideas on the dirt track, i need some cool elements, what does a cool outside dirt rc-car track have?
12:24 Antimorph: you textures, if you want nice ground
12:24 Antimorph: better to use 4 or 5 256x256 bitmaps stretched
12:24 Magne: what do you mean not tile my textures?
12:25 Antimorph: If you want complex ground features
12:25 Magne: yeah
12:25 Antimorph: it is insane to try and tile them
12:25 Magne: what should I do then?
12:25 Antimorph: work in high poly, optimise when your happy
12:25 Antimorph: mesh smooth the areas you want
12:25 Magne: but when I optimize the polys get all weird and the texturing look like shit
12:25 Antimorph: you'll get irregularly shaped poly's
12:26 Antimorph: thats not a problem if you stretch 4 or 5 bitmaps to fit the whole area, it reduces your capacity
12:26 Antimorph: for "objects" to decorate the track
12:26 Antimorph: but it still looks pretty good
12:26 Magne: I don't understand what you mean, stretching 4 or 5 bmp's to fit the entire area
12:26 Antimorph: I dunno, its swings and roundabouts
12:27 ali: Keep in mind how it will look like. An open space like my garden is pretty near the limit. There are good reasons why there are no wide open areas in the original levels. :)
12:27 Magne: I'm not having any wide op+en areas, except for a little area, but it will not be big
12:28 Magne: it will be a little narow (not that narrow) track, with orange racing nets on the side
12:28 Antimorph: What do you mean by "limit" ali?
12:29 ali: framerate.
12:29 Antimorph: ok dokey
12:29 ali: A open space looks like shit if you can't see the borders, so you need an incredibly large fog distance (50k in my track)
12:32 Magne: I have a lot of thinking to do, I don't know yet how I will make my idea work, i have several problems in my head now, but I need some hours withg a pen and paper and see just how i want it beofre I can concentrate on the problems

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