Chat Log: Introduction on Triggers

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Date: 2000-04-27
Author: ali
17:37 Magne: another thing, how do you get those directional arrows to appear on your screen as your driving, so the player can see what turn is comming up, like on the original levels, cause I have noticed it on some of the user levels too
17:37 SKITCH2: triggers
17:38 Magne: is those arrows triggers
17:38 SKITCH2: triggers are simple
17:38 scloink: to other users
17:38 SKITCH2: and they are for re positioning
17:38 Magne: oh ok, you've posted a post that's called triggers at the forum where you have explained it?
17:39 scloink: well it isn't called triggers
17:39 scloink: but it is about triggers
17:39 scloink: let me look for it
17:39 scloink: brb
17:39 Magne: what's it called then, so I can find it
17:39 Magne: k
17:40 SKITCH2: triggers determine effects in your tracks
17:40 Magne: like....?
17:40 SKITCH2: ie: thrown objects,direction arrows,places to be re positioned if you get stuck
17:41 Magne: oh ok, well you can always press re-position yourself and get back on track anwyay, but the arrows are great
17:41 Magne: maybe I need a thrown abject...hmm gotta think about that
17:42 SKITCH2: gives the track more flow if you place re position boxes in the right places
17:43 SKITCH2: people can get frustraited with hitting the re pos key all the time
17:43 Magne: yeah i nkow
17:44 SKITCH2: so it allways best to make the time to add them to your track
17:44 Magne: but in the race, you automaticly get re-positioned outside the track zones after a couple of seconds anway
17:45 SKITCH2: not as quick as necessary
17:45 Magne: no I agree
17:45 scloink: but I will give you a once over
17:45 Magne: oh, well it can't be that hard, what's it called, the arrows when I am in the triggers edit mode
17:45 SKITCH2: I have explaind it a bit
17:45 scloink: oh ok
17:45 scloink: I see now
17:45 SKITCH2: you need to use the track dir
17:46 scloink: hehe
17:46 SKITCH2: to set the arrows
17:46 scloink: you adjust them just like track zones
17:46 Magne: oh ok
17:46 scloink: and then toggle them to the appropriate direction
17:46 scloink: i.e. 45 degree right or left
17:47 SKITCH2: plus and minus on the main keyboard scroll trough the arrow direction
17:47 Magne: and how do I apply the correct arrow, I can just toggle thorugh the alternatives?
17:47 Magne: oh ok
17:47 SKITCH2: yes
17:47 Magne: it doesn't sound too hard
17:47 scloink: one more thing
17:47 Magne: but I guess that would be the last thing to add to my track right?
17:47 Magne: yeah...?
17:48 SKITCH2: make sure you place them a bit before the corner
17:48 scloink: they need to start with a 0 and then go up for each one in the order that you will drive through them
17:48 SKITCH2: so the driver has time to think
17:48 scloink: like 0,1,2,3,4 etc
17:48 Magne: yeah, just like the track zones
17:48 scloink: or they won't work
17:48 scloink: yea
17:48 Magne: hehe, I get it
17:48 SKITCH2: yes the I D is very important
17:49 scloink: yea and don't put too many
17:49 scloink: they will just confuse the driver
17:49 Magne: I think my track is going to need quite a few " ! "
17:49 SKITCH2: hehe
17:49 scloink: only put them on blind type corners
17:49 Magne: big jumps require a !
17:49 scloink: and open areas
17:49 Magne: yeah I know, and my u turn, so the driver will know what way to do the u turn

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