Chat Log: Some rants on ViziBoxes

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Date: 2000-05-24
Author: ali
14:06 Magne: alee, just to give me an idea, how many viziboxes did you use for your level (at home)?
14:06 ali: Dunno... Five ID's, I think.
14:06 ali: Just look at the track
14:06 Magne: oh, well did you use more then 5 cubes?
14:07 ali: There is one cube to fade out the cellar without garage when you're in the garden
14:08 Magne: I was just trying to add some viziboxes to my house, and it seems to me that if you want to fully take advantage of them I can use a lot more than 5
14:08 ali: Another one for the hole cellar if you're in the house
14:08 ali: One for the parts you can see from the south of the garden, and one for the north
14:08 ali: one for the garden if you're in the cellar
14:09 ali: That's it, I think
14:09 Magne: I got another question, when I'm driving my level now, in time trial (one car) I get fps between 30 and 40 (without viziboxes) is there any hope for my level?
14:09 Antimorph: I would say so
14:09 Antimorph: but 30-40 sounds good already
14:09 Magne: I really got good fps in the basement though, it's 75\76 now, after I added some cubes
14:10 Magne: yeah, I think 30\40 is a little low
14:10 ali: It's the same for me. Having AI dropped it down to 5-7 fps, and the vizi's brought it back to 20
14:10 Magne: oh ok

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