Chat Log: Mirroring on elevated surfaces

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Date: 2000-05-26
Author: ali
16:02 LaserBeams: I messed a bit with mkmirror - it works great :) thanks
16:03 Spaceman: does it work on elevated surfaces? not vertical, just elevated
16:03 ED-Nick: i think there was that one part in toy world 1 where there was an elevated surface..
16:03 ali: Yes
16:03 LaserBeams: like, up in the air?
16:03 LaserBeams: yes
16:03 ali: With some disadvantages
16:04 Spaceman: LB: like the vents leading onto the greenhouse or the greenhouse itself in Re-Ville
16:04 ali: Mirrors are transparent. So, if they are *really* transparent, you can look right through them onto lower things.
16:04 LaserBeams: that wouldn't work, spaceman... sorry.
16:04 LaserBeams: clipping at the edges of mirrors is quite bad
16:05 LaserBeams: car parts would float in midair.
16:05 LaserBeams: I've had experience :)
16:05 Spaceman: well, i think i leave it out for re-ville, enough to do without mirrors

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