Chat Log: How to start building tracks

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Date: 2000-05-07
Author: ali
16:41 Antimorph: Melissa was asking me what the best
16:41 Antimorph: way was to start building custom tracks
16:41 Antimorph: Is Gibblers site the best place to start
16:41 ali: Depends
16:42 SKITCH2: I started there so i would say yes
16:42 ali: For lego tracks it's just common sense. No tutorials on that.
16:42 Antimorph: Just use the ingame editor then, yup
16:42 ali: For all-instance tracks (using premade instances like Ekla's walls) it's Gibbler
16:42 SKITCH2: I have never made a lego track
16:42 ali: For 3ds max (doh!) levels it's cyb's and gibbler's.
16:42 SKITCH2: so i dont know
16:43 Antimorph: Have a fiddle about with the track editor Melissa and see what you come up with, then check out the following url
16:43 ali: For tracks like mine its a book about programming. :(
16:43 Antimorph:
16:43 Antimorph: If you want to go further than that, your talking about lots of time, its a damn fine hobby though
16:44 SKITCH2: it is that :-)
16:44 Antimorph: Even extreme tracks take a great deal of time
16:44 Antimorph: its up to you
16:44 MelissaMac: k,
16:44 MelissaMac: i have a lot of time on my hands
16:44 ali: Spaceman's site gives some good clues on how to make nice levels with the lego editor
16:45 ali: it's or maybe with /re-volt
16:45 MelissaMac: i can already work with my 3dSM 2.5 and like to use it for a nice fun purpose
16:45 Antimorph: whoa
16:45 SKITCH2: good, can you teach me lol
16:46 Antimorph: I'd assumed you didn't have max, that'll teach me
16:46 Antimorph: hehe
16:46 MelissaMac: i'm not very good but i can already do some pretty nice things
16:46 SKITCH2: heh
16:46 Antimorph: kewlio
16:47 ali: Actually - in order to make *good* tracks - you should be familar with the extreme-editing (damn word!) prior to building things in RV.
16:48 Antimorph: Ok well the site to look to is probably Gibblers on inserting instances, search the forum for general advice on AI nodes, and track zones, and Cybinaries site for Max related stuff (this is a new site, we're trying to write tutorials for it at this moment in time)
16:48 Antimorph: The urls you'll need to appreciate the task are:
16:49 Antimorph: Gibblers and Spacemans, which you've had already
16:49 MelissaMac: yes
16:49 Antimorph:
16:49 Antimorph: which is the forum
16:49 Antimorph: and
16:49 Antimorph:
16:50 Antimorph: I'm writing an intruduction "How to get started" at the moment
16:50 Antimorph: should be on Cyb's site in a few days
16:50 Antimorph: Of course, the guys here in the chat room can answer most questions after that

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