Chat Log: Non-solid instances although they have .ncp's

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Date: 2000-05-28
Author: ali
16:26 ED-Nick: hey ali.. you know why all of a sudden my instances would just turn non solid?-- i mean ive been using the same instances for a long time and now all of a sudden they got unsolid.. but only past a certain point
16:27 ali: What means "past a certain point"?
16:28 ED-Nick: they just stop being solid .. like theres an invisible line that says "YOU ARENT GOING TO BE SOLID PAST THIS POINT'
16:28 ali: Hahaha
16:28 ali: there is such a line
16:28 ED-Nick: oh great...
16:28 ED-Nick: dont tell me that.. heh
16:29 ED-Nick: i just made a huge offroad area past that point.. lol
16:29 ali: Give me your email address, I'll send you a paragraph on that problem
16:29 ED-Nick: a paragraph?
16:29 ED-Nick: ok
16:29 ED-Nick: [...]
16:32 ali: sent it. It's a glue4 snapshot. Look at the documentation, FAQ, question #9

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