Chat Log: How to organize making a track

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Date: 2000-05-07
Author: ali
17:24 Antimorph: First of all get a clear picture of what your trying to achieve, I can't stress this strongly enough, if you don't want to be still modelling your level the other side of Christmas you really have to know your level before you've ever seen it, visualise it in detail in your mind first and then do the following small surgery.
17:24 Antimorph: The hardest thing to plan for is the textures (not to mention whether the level will be fun to drive), if you don't know how many textures sheets your gonna need, how they will be structured, and whether or not you'll need to tile subsections of them then just stop modelling (if you've started) and read on.
17:25 Antimorph: Tiling full 256x256 bitmaps is relatively straight forward as they can be applied to 'planes' consisting of irregularly shaped polygons, however, you can run out of texture sheets relatively quickly if you insist on this so plan ahead and don't automatically expect your textures to wrap around 90 degree angles, they wont, texturing is most easily applied on 2 dimensional parts of your 3D object so consider this when your building single texture sh
17:25 Antimorph: Tiling a subsection of a bmp is a right royal pain in the arse to model as generally speaking you need to generate uniformly sized polygons that will map to the subsection of the bmp over the entire area you want to tile.
17:25 Antimorph: When your building the texture set, try and arrange textures in sets according to their style so if your building several rooms, put all the floor textures on one bitmap, all the walls on another this will become convenient when you want to export your scenes component parts to prm. This can start to get confusing when you think of how many areas of your level will need different surface properties, so don't make your life harder by having to reme
17:25 Antimorph: I'd strongly recommend going so far as to create the texture sheets before you even start modelling and this will force you to think about texturing before you start to mesh, this is very useful.

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