Chat Log: General chat about pos node positioning & track zones

Listed in: Extreme editing, POS Nodes, Track Zones
Date: 2000-03-19
Author: ali
01:05 scloink: it may be a pos node prob
01:05 scloink: that was what was wrong with mine
01:05 BurnRubr: nah be pos nodes
01:06 Nairb: I'll look at the nodes
01:06 Nairb: but I think it has to do with the zones
01:06 Nairb: pos nodes
01:06 scloink: you may have to add a path that goes wider
01:06 Nairb: ?
01:06 scloink: yea mine had the same prob
01:06 BurnRubr: position nodes
01:06 Nairb: the node paths are just 4 the ai
01:06 BurnRubr: nope to node paths
01:07 scloink: nope
01:07 BurnRubr: 2 nodes paths
01:07 scloink: not the pos nodes
01:07 BurnRubr: one is called pos nodes in edit mode
01:07 scloink: the node paths determine the track
01:07 Nairb: the track distance
01:07 scloink: and path
01:07 BurnRubr: do more than that
01:07 BurnRubr: also stop reset bugs etc
01:07 scloink: I had to add an extra path to mine
01:08 Nairb: with pos nodes and no zones, you can't make a lap\
01:08 scloink: I know but you have to have both

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