Chat Log: More on ai walls/nodes

Listed in: Extreme editing, AI Nodes
Date: 2000-03-10
Author: ali
18:16 Antimorph: Hmm, I was looking at AI nodes today, can you explain the blue and pink walls
18:16 Antimorph: or are they a mystery?
18:16 scloink: havn't actually looked at them
18:17 scloink: but I think they tell the AI that under no circumstances do you deviate from this course
18:17 Antimorph: I was just wondering about those over and under threshhold values in the car parameters .txt
18:17 Antimorph: I've seen cars travel through the walls though
18:17 scloink: yea I windered about those too
18:17 Antimorph: AI cars
18:17 scloink: oh ok
18:18 scloink: well that shoots my theory to hell
18:18 scloink: hehe
18:18 scloink: I will look into them further
18:18 Antimorph: those threshold values have nothing to do with the top end, acceleration

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